Play is very healthy and allows both evade as possible distract us from accumulated stress. Undoubtedly, for all of us it is a good thing. However, the thread that separates the vice of addiction is very thin, and can easily fall break a qualified by many doctors as a disease trap. The game was created to entertain and amuse the masses, provided alienate the mind of reality and allow disconnection of our tasks, concerns and obligations. Like everything in life, we must seize and enjoy the things we like in perspective, taking clear that abuses are able to take their toll. These abuses, in the gaming sector in question, can saturate our minds creating a distortion of reality that will overcome us if we are not able to stop daily hours of play.

Abusive use of new technologies by the adolescent population is translating into an increase in inquiries addictions that very prominently are young people, mostly boys, hooked on multiplayer games online. Thus, in five years they have reached triple consultations on this issue.

The insulation in the room for long hours stringing games from different parts of the world leads to these young people to a total disconnection of the environment coming which is said by Assignment Assistance. in the most extreme cases, to force to intervene to the police to get the girl out of his confinement. Some affected recognize that for years they do not eat with the family and has even been cases of young people who have made their needs over the impossibility of disengaging from the screen. Most experts consulted point out that the most extreme cases are often associated with other diseases and ensure that it is a problem that is increasing and that is being added in the last two years the addiction to social networks.

Between 20 and 25% of treatment demands are addicted to new technologies to video games on line. The risk with video games online is that they have “addictive potential” because there is the possibility of playing at home, with easy access 24 hours a day. And it is a problem that is already generating social alarm in Asian countries which are large consumers of these products. Therefore, there is already beginning to develop the idea that these games have addictive properties and it is beginning to be addressed as a public health problem.

Profile associated disorders

Practitioners say that normally those affected are young people between 14 and 18 years-half of cases attended the 15- round with associated problems such as conduct or personality disorders or depression. And they start getting younger; in most cases, especially the most serious, underlying some emotional difficulty. The video game addiction is a pathological entity that did not exist before. Low self-esteem also seems to be a risk factor but also are studying “biological aspects.

20 hours Sessions

These are young people who can spend four to five hours a day connected to the network and can get to do 20 hours sessions straight without getting up from the chair. Some people recognize that the consultation have for years without eating with the family or who have come to lose control of the sphincters” it was impossible to break away from the screen. And there are those who neglect their personal hygiene. In other extreme cases it has even had to specify the help of the police to bring young people from the room and transfer by ambulance to the hospital.

Abstinence and added problems

This whole situation leads to damages at all levels: emotional, behavioral, family and even physical. And they have disturbed sleep because they link games with several continents. So, they show symptoms of any behavioral addiction as compulsive gambling or substances: mood swings, irritability, anxiety or emotional disturbance, especially when they cannot be connected. To this is added, explaining all respondents, changes in everyday life because the adolescent begins to isolate family, friends and any recreational activity that does not pass through the network. Therefore, in many cases, addiction is associated with academic failure.

One of the great handicaps, which can also be crucial to tackling most successful healing, is that young people do not realize they have a problem. Treatment usually cognitive behavioral, often extended about two years, especially if the patient has added conditions that must also be treated, and usually sign a therapeutic contract in which all parties agree to assume obligations. In the case of the affected, the commitment can only begin to reduce connection times because it only creates more conflict.

What can be done?

The family is an element of aid solution or the solution of Dissertation Help UK. Setting up your computer in a community that does not allow the isolation and disconnection is one of the advice given by experts to try to minimize the consequences of coupling internet. The best advice is to educate on responsible use. In addition, it is also desirable to agree on how long and how you can use the network for recreational purposes and details. The importance of finding out what games are using young, negotiate usage time and make them understand that it is not an activity to be made in isolation.