This is such a controversial topic!

For those only just venturing into establishing a marketing presence on social media, you will be bombarded by thousands of views, ideas, programmes, tools, strategies and coaches that promise to alleviate the stress of social media marketing.

In my opinion, that’s the key. Stress.

As business owners, we are all aware that growing a venture and all that entails, will create a degree of stress. However, the storm, or near on hurricane, that comes in attempting to meet the impossible standards of high-level social media marketing is likely to blow the socks off of any individual.

Let’s be honest – it’s created an entire industry! Thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people have built their careers on mastering algorithms and social media platforms.  “To reel or not to reel” is really the question.

Or is it.

In our opinion, it really and truly depends on you. You can actually decide for yourself whether to pursue pushing your business online and to what extent.

First of all, yes, the world has moved on from a monthly newspaper advert and learning golf to be able to network. Thank goodness!

An estimated 4.7 BILLION people are now using social media to fuel their knowledge and communication.With these statistics, it seems logical that your ideal clients and a good percentage of your audience will be using at least one platform.

That leads us onto the next question. Do you need to use every social media platform?

For generations, local businesses have maintained successful businesses through bold signage on street sides and adverts in local magazines. This worked because THAT is where their audiences were looking.

According to Virtual Assistants Virtual Hand “Which social media platform you should use is decided by where your audience are looking for your services. “

As a general guideline, the following applies:

Facebook is great for groups.  It is still the go-to platform for course creators, community groups, coaches and paid advertising (93% still prioritise this platform).

Facebook as a social communicator is most popular amongst the 25-35 year olds or if you consider yourself a ‘millennial’.

Instagram. The most popular platform for 18-34 year olds and is best utilised for video marketing. 58% of users are more likely to click-through to a website or make a purchase after seeing a brand on Instagram.

WhatsApp is a social media platform! WhatsApp for Business gives you more controls and many people are using WhatsApp to raise awareness to their brands, new products, specials and campaigns.

Linkedin is still the most ‘business-focussed’ platform and maintains a much higher percentage of 35-60 year olds engaging on it regularly.

Google for Business. Incredibly underrated, this facility is not necessarily considered a social media platform but is a MUST for anyone wanting to claim an online presence.

There are an incalculable number of tricks and methods to have to learn to master these platforms. Our strongest advice? Choose one to start with. Choose the one you already most prefer and start there.

Learn about it, modernise and be consistent with what you’re putting out into the world and be yourself!  Failing that, or if your brain genuinely starts to ache, come and find us. Outsource your social media drama and remove the stress of this one aspect of making your business a soaring success.