These days, you can find many people using non-oven bags that are made from polypropylene fabric. These bags look almost like any cotton bags. Its fibers are bound together mechanically or thermally. The materials of such non-woven bags are such that it looks attractive, reusable, breathable, hypoallergenic, water resistant, fire resistant, light, soft and can be washed easily.

The strength of the material is good enough to last for 5 years. Any company logos can also be printed on these bags easily for advertising purpose. Therefore, such non-woven bags can be used as a great marketing tool and also quite attractive as a gift too. Shoppers can easily reuse these bags and also various companies can use as a promotional tool for their business.

These non-woven bags as mentioned above are made out of polypropylene material, which is much different from polyethylene that has been under use as plastic shopping bags. However, these polyethylene materials have much stable structure and therefore it may take 300 years to bio-grade them. On the other hand, polypropylene material has less stable chemical structure and hence it can be degraded easily.

There are number of printing options on these non-woven and reusable bags.

  • Silk screen printing

Screen printing can be easily done on such non-woven bags and by using this technique you can print images of any color and shade. However, as it has to be done manually and hence its placement cannot be too accurate. Gradation and shading can also not be printed properly.

  • Heat/thermal transfer printing

By this printing method, you can show the shading and gradation very easily, but this method can be little costly. However, if you want to print any barcode or scanning code then it can come perfectly.

  • Gravure printing

For large scale colorful printing this method can be used. You can print high quality image with automated process, which will be water resistant too. Printing can be either matte or glossy finish. However, this finish is little less environment friendly since the film used cannot be degraded easily.

Advantages of non-woven bags

  1. Economical

The production cost of these bags is pretty low and since many users will reuse such bags and hence you need not produce these bags too often. Since many stores charge their customer for such bags and hence there can be little earning from such bags. Also, these bags will be reused and hence it will help in promoting any business and also stores need not buy such bags in more quantity.


As compared to polyethylene bags these bags are much more durable and also carry much heavier items. There is very little chance that it will be punctured, torn, broken or ripped like polyethylene bags. Also, it is more fire resistance as it can withstand above 130ᵒ C. Not only these bags can carry food items, but also rice or flour can also be easily carried with these bags.

3. Environment friendly

These bags are environment friendly in many ways. It can easily be recycled, reused for many years and therefore will not create more garbage.

Therefore, such non-woven bags are perfect bag material that can be used for improving your corporate image.