You might have read tens of articles about the importance of logo. However; have you ever read about when you don’t need a logo?

A businessman always finds ways to save money. Investment is his most thought decision. In such a case, would you spend your money on a logo which does not even worth for your business? Of course not! Therefore; you need to assess whether or not you need a logo before assigning a logo project.

Do You Need A Logo? – How To Assess Your Need?

How To Find Your Need For Logo?

Your logo need can be found out in two different stages.

Stage 1

Answer the following questions.

  1. What is my company’s goal? Am I working on long term, short term or midterm project?
  2. What my present competitors are offering in the market?
  3. Do I have the potential to enter an already crowded market? Can I make a room for myself there?
  4. Do people consider my business?

If your 2 or more than 2 answers are positive, then you will need to move on to the stage 2.

Stage 2

1-    Decide Your Need

Logo bang is needed during times when you don’t have anything striking to offer. If you have a profitable new product in process or an Eco-friendly campaign in hand, then you might not need a logo bang right now.

2-    Advertising Need

Advertisements always require a professional logo design. Yet again, you cannot imply your newly designed logo for your new product. If you have reached market maturity stage and you want to gain some more attention and seek more sales through advertisements, then it is the best time to introduce a new logo with an optional new packing.

3-    Professionalism Demands

A very common human nature is that we first analyze the outlook of a product and then decide to buy it. A professionally packed soap is always preferred on polythene packed soap. If you can sense a feeling of unprofessionalism in your logo, then you can opt for a better professional logo now.

4-    Meet The Strangers

There are several ways to meet the new market and seek stranger customers. C2C marketing is one of the tools for such marketing. However; in order to meet the strangers, you need to retain your name and presence so that your old customers can also recognize you. For finding the new market, you should continue operations with your old logo.