SEO services are getting more expensive, because it requires more and more effort to rank well on popular keywords. In fact, large corporations could spend millions of dollars to get to the first position in search engine results. It is clear that small business and one-man companies can afford similar SEO campaign. Because SEO services are still needed, we should be able to reduce the overall costs by doing basic tasks in-house. In general, basic SEO tasks can be performed quite easily, if we have the elementary skills, patience, a bit of creativity and enough time. Assuming we already have good, unique content; proper domain name and dependable hosting services; we should be able to make sure that we could rank higher. The easiest thing that we can do is by making sure that the landing pages and other webpages are SEO-friendly. We could do this by choosing proper keywords for our website title, webpage title, heading and sub-heading. We should write proper paragraphs that can explain to both real people and bots about what we are offering.

Don’t Hire SEO Professionals To Perform Basic SEO Tasks

We should be aware that people normally visit our website through the landing page and this is a pathway to our actual product pages. It means that we should make sure that people will quickly understand the purpose of our website. In this case, it is important to ensure that there’s enough textual information. Our website won’t rank well in our website if we don’t use proper keywords. Professional helps should be obtained only if we need a more advanced optimization tasks, such as code cleaning. CSS should be used properly when we design the website. In order to reduce SEO costs, we should be able to regularly check our website for broken links. There are some free or affordable tools that we can use to periodically check our website for broken links or orphan pages. Often, this is an effective way to solve problems associated with un-indexed pages. Sometimes, sections of our webpages are inaccessible for people and bots, due to broken links.

Not many people read RSS anymore, but search engine bots still do. It is still a good way to keep bots updated about changes in our website. If we keep our content growing and fresh, we should make sure that bots know about it. Bots regularly check our RSS page for new content. RSS is an uncluttered version of our webpage and it is consisted mostly of our content. We could get one-way links by performing specific tasks and we could do this quite naturally. Guest-posting is an effective way to create links for our website and external websites will get free, unique content from us. This is a win-win solution. However, we should be aware that there’s a rumor that Google has nullified effects of linking through guest-posting. We could counter this by making an article that seems to be written by the owner of the external website.