Natural light and outside views in commercial structures are very important for everyone’s mood and are often seen as productivity boosters. However, windows are the areas of the highest levels of noise in the building and the areas of heat loss. Bearing this in mind, it would be smart for many commercial properties to improve their windows in order to make their occupants happier and save money.

If there is someone who managed to elevate the window insulation to a higher level it is definitely Sydney-based double glazing experts Magnetite. The company started at the end of the 20th century, in 1998, by introducing the retrofit double glazing window system which has proven to be an excellent solution and it still remains a major part of their business.

Why Do You Need Double Glazing?

People from Magnetite tell us that their double glazing solution is excellent for existing buildings. Why? Their solution suits all windows, installation is quiet and fast, and once installed, it does not affect the exterior look of the building. Opting for this solution will have a positive impact on noise reduction, thermal comfort and on saving money by making windows more energy efficient.

Double Glazing Solutions For Commercial Properties

Noise Reduction

It is known for a fact that windows are the biggest conductors of noise in closed spaces. Noise travels through windows in different ways, but Magnetite’s retrofit double glazing system is a simple and affordable way to shut all those ways down. Double glazed solution is installed on customers’ windows by using magnetic seals, which creates airtight cavity between the window and the solution, acting like a buffer against outside noise. This solution will reduce noise entering through any window up to 70% and this was confirmed by tests conducted by the relevant acoustics laboratories.

Thermal Comfort

By installing retrofit double glazed system on the existing windows, experts from Magnetite will make sure that your office space stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Their solution has proven to be an excellent thermal insulator by reducing condensation that can appear on windows. Magnetite uses an optical grade acrylic glazing, which is 6 times more thermally efficient than glass. Window energy rating scheme tests have proven that this solution can improve the window’s performance up to 76% in summer months and up to 62% in winter months.

Double Glazing Solutions For Commercial Properties

Energy Efficiency

As much as 40% of the energy that gets lost from any building is lost through windows. With this in mind, Magnetite’s retrofit double glazing is an investment that will make any commercial building significantly more energy efficient and greener.  Less energy used for heating and cooling means more money saved. Usage of double glazing solution will contribute in money saving through energy conservation and through reuse of existing windows instead of buying new ones. Heating and cooling are causing carbon footprint, which can be avoided (or at least significantly reduced) by insulating windows.

These features of double glazing system have been tested and confirmed by the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) in line with National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) regulations. Based on all this, if you buy Magnetite’s double glazed windows, your expectations of comfort, functionality and aesthetics are likely to be exceeded.