According to the industry experts, learning is more concerned with breaking frontiers to limitlessness expanse. With the web being quite expansive, the importance of the phenomenon is presently being realized through elearning. The web has managed to make the world a global village, networking at each and every quarter, thereby ensuring sharing of valuable resources to and from anywhere and anytime.

Promoting interactive learning

In interactive learning, among amateurs to professionals, the boundary that exists between virtual and real is found to be thinning. For example, the trainee who aspires to learn from a leading university located at another part of the world can now accomplish it, using the laptop, desktop or smartphone, sitting at the comfort of his home. He is able to attend seminars, get training, participate in brainstorming sessions, give project demos etc. The experts now conclude that every bit of learning is possible through the web along with its sophisticated and advanced accessories. The different parameters of elearning are noticed to supersede high-cost factor, thereby pervading real-time education scenario.

The popularity of elearning platform

With time, elearning platform is found to be expanding very fast, to help deliver a wonderful interface between tutor and students, from any part of the world and everywhere. The professionals have been using the latest elearning creation tools to develop good and interactive elearning designs. All conventional hitches/snags that are generally noticed in traditional learning process involving a good amount of money can now be eliminated with elearning.

It can be safely stated that each and every tutor and learner is empowered to deliver and receive the very best knowledge without any hassle. This advanced technology platform is considered to be a boon making it possible to use the vast knowledge expertise that is spread geographically. As a matter of fact, online learning or elearning is now popularly termed as caters to each and every cadre, be it the education industry, government or the corporate.

Few online e learning development tools and software used commonly

  • Articulate elearning software, it’s easy to use interface tends to outpace other competitors within the domain. Basically, it is known to use MS PowerPoint to create presentations. There are also provided tools to convert the created presentation to flash animation based files. Besides this, the software comes with inbuilt question templates that help design questionnaires.
  • Adobe Captivate is the other software that comes with a variety of features like multi-format file outputs, text-voice output, tools for importing external files and to synchronize with captivating files. Technical know-how is not necessary for this software and it does sport different types of widgets to assist delivery of customized elearning course. It also is provided with various elearning suites that are catered to government and education segments through virtual classrooms that are integrated with learning management systems (LMS). It is used to host elearning software.
  • Lectora from Trivantis Corpn. is another software that provides industry standard support like AICC and SCORM. It permits open architecture product development, providing space for interoperation of various elearning software.

Above are few of the elearning tools used by the experts to create elearning courses.