Fudged CVs have become the trend among the job seekers to get a top level designation and compelling salary packages. Formulated resume is like a jackpot to enter into a multi-national corporation. Some candidates exaggerate certain details in their resumes that boost their profile on the job portal. This in turn, is quite fruitful to grab a good opportunity that improves candidate’s career graph.

Employment Verification Services Ensuring No Entry for Frauds

Here are the following areas in which a candidate attempts modification:

  • Write manager designation instead of assistant

  • Add a few thousand to current salary package

  • Extend job tenure to cover few months of inappropriate activities such as criminal offence, imprisonment or vegetating in front of the Television

  • Scale up the job responsibilities held with previous employer

  • Showcasing 7 years of experience in place of 4 years

According to the various studies and reports, it has been found that job candidates applying for different positions have showcased falsified details on their resumes with wrong intensions. It might bring shock to you that over the course of last few years, business world has witnessed umpteen cases of frauds and discrepancies due to enrolling fake employees. There are a number of consequences that might happen by hiring a wrong candidate. Organisations might lose their confidential details, lose business project and even dignity in the marketplace.

Companies which were previously not taking this thing as a chief aspect, now have widened their eyes towards screening process. Whether it is a small scale company or medium level enterprise, considering employment verification services is the order of day to keep away from fraudulent. Third party verification service provider with reputed dignity and domain expertise help organisations in reducing the risks of hiring candidates with dubious background.

Seeking a right talent is essential to steer the organisational growth in the upward direction. As companies relentlessly aim to gear up the value chain—where revenues and economic value are higher—require new skill set to adapt the changes and contribute in the business success.

With expansion of products/services and infrastructure, you need to reinforce the HR process to acquire the right talent that plays a key role in building business dynamism. However, if you hired a candidate with fudged capabilities, then it may goes completely opposite. Therefore, to get rid of hiring fraud employees, it is must to have employment verification services that not only streamline the recruitment process, but also helps in gaining the competitive edge over the counterparts.

Let’s take a brief look on the key advantages of considering employment verification services.

Comprehensive verification of background details: Some candidate may have gap in their professional work history for a number of reasons. With employment verification, a complete verification is done to ensure that you are electing the right candidate with no dubious background. In this process, data verifiers perform a complete examination, right from professional background check to social record check. This will enable companies to hire a right talent that have abilities plus no fraud records. To put it simply, with the help of outsourcing data verification services, you can stay assured about the candidates you will be hiring are genuine and suitable for the respective job profile.

Professional assistance: In third party verification, skilled staffs are present who have appropriate knowledge in this domain. So, you don’t need to get in trouble about the screening process. A team of data verifiers conduct a complete examination of the employee’s details in order to keep away from the fraudulent. Third party verification firms with domain expertise periodically train their data verification agents and ensure that new job candidate’s profile is completely examined. In this way, you can stay assured that the candidate’ profile you will be receiving after screening will be genuine one. With professional assistance, you can stay at the safe side and hire the new candidate with full confidence.

Streamlined HR process: Outsourcing third party verification service helps in alleviating the burdened from the HR team. Now, they can focus on core activities of managing employees’ salary, attendance, recruitment and organising events. A pre-verification done by third party verification service provider ensures that you will be electing the right candidate. In essence, it streamlines the HR process completely.

One thing on which you can rely is that when you have reliable employment verification services, there is no entry for frauds in your organisation or business entity.