Studies suggest that businesses, however large or small, with a physical address generate more interest than those that do not. In a world where just about anyone can get online and create a new business in under a day, the idea that real physical addresses are important seems to have slipped minds. As far as search engine giants like Google are concerned, having a physical address listed on your website is better for search engine optimisation purposes, because it means that potential customers can find you more rapidly.

Enhance Your Business Reputation With A New Business Address In Town!

The Importance of Having a Physical Business Address

Even though search engines prefer business websites that feature a real physical address, there are certainly other reasons to have one if you run a business. For example, if you happen to run a small business that sells beauty goods in Essex, it makes sense to have a real physical address so that anyone who types ‘beauty products in Essex’ will be able to find you through one of the big search engines or directories.

Plenty of people try to skirt the issue by investing in a Post Office box, without realising that this is really just a mailing address and does not represent a physical presence for your business. Customers want to see that businesses are real. In this day and age where electronic commerce is everywhere and people are always on guard against online fraud and scamming, it’s really important to let your customers know that you are genuine and in it for the long haul.

Alternatives in the Modern Digital World

Whilst the barriers to entry for business are low because of the ubiquity of the Web, this also means that many smaller businesses are not invested in the bricks and mortar stores that used to define businesses in a different age. In a scenario like this, it would seem difficult to have a physical address where none really exists, but a reliable and reputable business address service that offers a virtual business address is an ideal way of overcoming these limitations.

By investing in a virtual address, one gains the following benefits:

  • Reputation: With a virtual address in the heart of the big city, any small business can enhance its reputation and seem like one of the big players! Imagine your customers seeing that you have an office in the middle of London. They will certainly be impressed!
  • Genuine: Businesses with a physical address have a greater chance of being taken seriously by clients and customers and are far less likely to be perceived as fraudulent.
  • Meetings: The fact that one is renting a real office for a relatively low cost, and not simply an address without a physical presence, means that business meetings can take place there.
  • Virtual receptionist: Virtual PAs and receptionist services have become incredibly popular in the last several years. By investing in a virtual address, one also gains the professional and friendly services of a trained receptionist. This means that all customer calls to your office will be handled with the utmost care, and you can get on with the job of looking after your business.

Investing in a virtual address for one’s business is a great idea and can really enhance reputation and drive more customers to your door. Even in an age where the Internet seems to have taken over, a real physical address is still seen as an indicator of both quality and genuine intent.