Maintaining the normal functioning and mobility of every part of the body is important. However, at times the mobility gets affected due to trauma, strain, muscle pull or accident. The mobility might get affected due to a health condition such as arthritis. Hands are one such part of the body which if gets affected due to accident or surgery, it hampers routine activities. People who are suffering from chronic arthritis find it difficult to carry our normal day-to-day activities which involve hands.

Role of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is one such department of the medical arena which can help in restoring the mobility of the hands. The therapies and physiotherapy equipment help in managing and curing the condition. Physiotherapy helps in increasing the blood flow to the affected area and enhances the mobility of hands. The physiotherapy treatment might be given with or without medicine. The whole line of treatment includes few set of exercises along with physiotherapy equipment.

The physiotherapy is performed by experienced and qualified therapists. The therapists recommend hand exercise equipment which helps in healing.  It is easy to buy hand exercise products online from renowned portals which deal in manufacturing and selling of physiotherapy equipment. The hand therapy equipment can be used to get relief from arthritis pain, heal injuries of forearm, wrist, and fingers along with improving athletic capability. It has been observed that the hand grip exercises are most commonly recommended for improving the functionality of hands and increasing the range of motion.

The advantages of hand exercises are listed below:

  • For reducing pain, swelling, and stiffness, the hand motion exercise is considered the best.
  • The range of motion exercises is easiest which can be performed even at home without the supervision of a therapist.
  • The hand exercises are prescribed depending upon the wrist or hand condition.
  • It helps tendons to perform normal functions.
  • The hand grip exercise equipment increase forearm muscularity. The forearm muscle control fingers and the equipment can help these muscles.
  • The equipment helps in improving hand endurance increasing the ability of hand to lift heavier items without any fatigue.
  • The equipment helps people who visit Gym frequently since they increase the strength of hands, wrists, and fingers.
  • The hand exercise equipment increases the dexterity of hands.
  • The equipment benefits the musicians greatly since the exercises build the stamina of the fingers.
  • The hand exercises also help people who are engaged in sports activities.

The equipment which is used for hand exercise consists of grips, bands, weight bars, balls and stacking cones. The hand therapy is used in rehabilitation centers, hospitals and sports medicine clinics for treatment of arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fractures, nerve damage and muscle or tendon tears. It is a matter of expertise, and hence one need to ask an expert before going for any particular device. In many cases there are only a few devices can be helpful and not all. Hence it is a job of an expert only to recommend a perfect device that can help the patient.