The use of augmented-reality (AR) apps and games in the hands of experienced developers and even general public have been around for quite some time now, but the emergence of Pokémon Go raised the prominence and success of this genre in mobile app development industry like never before. The staggering numbers of downloads are evident enough taking the global acclaim of this gaming app. Even newcomers in the gaming world acknowledge and admit the fact that the digital world is massively held by CGI and other groundbreaking technologies.

Does not matter if you are a hardcore gamer loving Pokémon Go to the bone or just a casual one, but apart from hunting and picking pretty little monsters across the roadside, there are some other top augmented-reality apps you need to try for a diversified experience.

  1. Ingress

Even before the idea of Pokémon Go had birth, we had Ingress. This multi-player, location- and team-based game is a product from the same development company, Niantic, which provided the fundamental for monster hunting games. Ingress displays a continuous battle between two factions fighting to grab control of the buildings and other physical structures around you.

This interactive game enliststhe same physical dynamics as those of Pokémon Go, however the major difference it has to offer is a deeper and darker story plot.

  1. Google Translate

Not purely under the umbrella of augmented-reality, but Google Translate do applies a firm AR feature that will convert any random language into the language you prefer displaying right onscreen.

The magic happens when you select the camera icon and not typing the text in the translate window. Place the camera carefully in order to capture the translate-to-be text within the seen brackets. The captured text will then translate in the output language and will be legible enough to read cleanly. The app runs great even with a congested text.

This Google’s app comes installed built-in within a number of Android devices, but anyone can download the iOS version on their Apple devices anytime they want.

  1. Star Chart

Mobile apps have even extended their reach by influencing the way we look up in the sky to locate stars. Simply said, Star Chart is an augmented-reality app that will alter the way we look up in the interstellar space.

The app will spot your location via GPS and show constellations and star names as you roam the house or road with the elevated mobile in your hand. So how about you clear your confusion once and for all regarding the bright object you have been mysteriously guessing since childhood as a star or the planet Mars in reality?

Star Chart functions smoothly with any potent Android or iOS device, but it’s always more engaging and interesting to see the wonder of the sky on big screen of tablets.

  1. Inkhunter

Does the prospect of engraving a tattoo on your arm seem exciting? The idea may tempt you to go for it, but its visualization is still somewhat unclear regarding how the tattoo would look on you.Well the case is otherwise with Inkhunter? Yes, the app allows you to try virtual tattoos with the augmented-reality concept behind all the functionality.

The app enlists various types of pre-set tattoo designs and themes available in the gallery, but there is always the flexibility to fabricate a customized design in real time and get to view it from different angles. The phone camera is used to clearly and quickly place the tattoo on your arm or any other body area.

  1. SpecTrek

This augmented-reality ghost hunting game has been particularly developed for Android smartphone enthusiasts. The app acquires the same ‘wander freely’ dynamics that made Pokémon Go such a sensation.

The only glaring difference are the ghosts,and not those cute and mischievous-looking monsters you will be asked to catch this time. The game starts by a map guiding you to the location of prominent white figures floating randomly. It’s simple: hold up your phone and instantly watch a world getting haunted full of ghosts.Agreeably SpecTrek may not be as active and engaging as Pokémon Go or Ingress, but its uniquely scary and fun-filled world still has enough attraction keep you on the edge and go back for more.

  1. Quiver

How about crafting a radiant and artistic experience in the world of augmented-reality apps? Quiveris a coloring-book pages app that encourages you to decorate pages with limitless and wild imagination. The app will then identify the colored decorations and make the designs come to life.

The most fascinating aspect of Quiver is the perfect combination it used of the high-end augmented-reality features and the traditional coloring-book themes. Quiver offers a number of free coloring pages including a cute cow, a farm, a fire truck, and much more.Many premium packs can also be bought to enjoy the complete version of Quiver.


Besides the above 6 apps, there are always concepts waiting to be tapped by professionals across the globe. Companies do tend to hire a top mobile app development company to create them a highly engaging and creative augmented-reality app for their business or customer base. No matter what, working with the right professionals is always a rewarding experience that promises to enlist an app on App Store or Google Play like none other in terms of functionality and demand.