People set different standards when choosing furniture for their home. Most of the time, their decision is established based on the color, style, and the price of the product. But because of the status of the world today, more and more people gain interest in furniture that has an environmental impact.

There are lots of terminologies for interpreting a sustainable furniture. You can call it eco-friendly or environmentally safe. It has specific characteristics that make a furniture worth defined as durable.

Choosing an environmental piece for your home can make a significant effect on the planet and your health. Furniture is considered as sustainable if it is in a high quality and can support a way of life with condensed energy and resources.

Through the raised awareness all over the world, the demand for sustainable furniture is more than available than before. Consumers should be knowledgeable enough to choose the right kind of furniture which has the right featured materials.

Components of A Sustainable Furniture

A legit sustainable furniture can be made using recycled materials. Everything that has been used for something else and is then re-purposed in the making of new furniture. Another element that makes a sustainable furniture is by using renewable materials. These are sources that can repeatedly be used and replaced naturally.

The practice of using safer materials is also a way of making a product durable. Additionally, the use of low-toxicity elements provides safety to the users in its everyday use.

Guaranteed Feasible Wood

Whether a piece of furniture came from plastic, metal, cloth, or wood, there are still eco-friendly options. As we all know, the primary function of the trees is to absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen that preserves a serene surrounding. It also acts as our support for our livelihood. But the world needs more trees, right?

There are many ways on harvesting wood legally. It can be from the forests, harvested tree farms, and from reclaimed wood. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an approved certification that authorizes clear-cutting and advocates pleasant working environment.

Bamboo Replenishment

The use of bamboo is one of the cleverest and earth-friendly furniture choice accessible. It is a renewable material which you can replace when the time comes. The growth of a bamboo is very fast as compared to a tree which needs a lot of years until it becomes fully developed.

A bamboo is way more durable than a mild steel and is feasible. Bamboo is a versatile material. It can be used into flooring, constructed as furniture, or cut into portions to make window blinds.

Furniture Made From Rattan

Rattan is a member of the palm family which is why it proliferates than wood. It is a solid material. When making furniture, rattan is usually straw-woven. That is why it lasts longer and shows vulnerability moderately.

Furniture made out of rattan are stylish and practical. It is a good investment for outdoor furniture because it will last a year and is perfect for all type of weather. Some examples of furniture made out of rattan are tables, chairs, bistro sets that fit any garden design, and sofas.

Rattan furniture is cost-efficient and is much more economical than wood and lasts almost the same. It comes with an alluring appearance and low cost. So if you want furniture that will last and natural, then rattan is for you.

The Big Three

Metal, steel, and aluminum may not be so eco-friendly because it often requires a massive amount of electricity. But all of these materials can easily be recycled when making new furniture. They are also stable and long-lasting.

Compared to other materials, metal, steel, and aluminum can last a lifetime if cared accurately. Also, it is much more durable and resilient for everyday use which is why most of the customers choose this kind of material.


A sustainable furniture is certainly useful for the consumer. It means that manufacturers designed it in a way that it attempts to offer its optimum function, comfort, and luxury of use. This type of furniture is not replaced over time because it has a long lasting life that can support your way of life.

Your furniture should compose the right materials so that it can sustain its challenges through time like what you can see on some reputable sites like Focus on Furniture. Some furniture is from recycled materials like paper, waste plastic, plastic bottles, etc. Sustainable furniture can also come from renewable sources like bamboo, etc.

A certified durable wood, bamboo, rattan, metal, steel, and aluminum are the materials that are most likely to last longer and can support your lifestyle.