If you have recently purchased your very first home, you will no doubt have a feeling of pride and achievement, along with a strong desire to protect and improve the substantial investment. Unfortunately, homes do not run themselves, and without specific inspections and maintenance tasks, something is going to go wrong sooner or later, and this usually leads to damage, which in turn, costs money to repair. For this reason, essential building maintenance is designed to prevent damage, with regular repainting and resurfacing the driveway, and if everything is covered, there will be no nasty surprises and any repairs can be quickly and efficiently carried out.


This is a critical component of any structure, and you should regularly carry out a detailed visual inspection, and any missing or broken roof tiles can be replaced. The guttering also needs to be monitored, and you might have to remove dead leaves and small twigs that can accumulate, and blocked guttering can be the onset of more serious issues, such as water damage. The roof should be examined after a heavy storm, and any debris must be removed, and overhanging trees should always be pruned to keep them away from the roof surface.


Repainting the exterior is a necessary maintenance task, and the frequency would very much depend on the quality of the paint. Some brands offer long warranties and with paint that stretched to absorb structural movement, the paint surface is more flexible and less prone to cracking or peeling. If your home happens to be in or around Melbourne, a visit to http://primepaintinggroup.com.au/ will help you make an informed decision, and with a solid reputation in the area, you can be sure that the finished job will be superb. Texture coating offers the homeowner many benefits, as it effectively seals off the entire surface, which is the highest level of protection possible. The range of colours and finishes makes it an attractive design tool, and with combed patterns and the use of various tools, one can create a unique pattern and consistency.


This can be a real cause for concern, and if something does go wrong, you’ll need the number of an emergency plumber. If, for any reason, you call out a plumber, pay a little extra and have him give your system a visual inspection, and any repairs can be quickly attended to.  Burst water pipe can cause serious damage, especially if it occurs upstairs, and you need to know exactly how to turn off the water supply, as this is the only thing you do prior to calling the emergency plumber.


If a home has been professionally wired, little can go wrong, but over time, cables can become perished, or perhaps rodents nibble away and this can cause a short, or even a fire. Any time you need an electrician to connect a major appliance, or add some lighting, you can ask him to check your wiring and fuses, which would only take a few minutes.

Home maintenance is not an issue if you have connections with reliable servicing companies, and with the Internet, an online search will help you find the right people.