From among a range of habits and feelings that are necessary for a successful life, motivation remains one of the most important ones. A motivated individual finds it easier to overcome all the obstacles in life as compared to an individual who lacks confidence in himself. Motivation is required at every stage of life from junior school till professional life because without motivation, it is difficult to achieve academic, career and life goals. A study conducted in some of the best UK colleges for higher studies revealed that educational institutes are emphasizing more on motivation techniques now as compared to previous years.

College life is full of adventures, learning and experiences and students cannot simply evade the struggles and obstacles during college.Difficulties in academics, struggling to manage time and workload, complications in friendships and relationships and confusions with career are some of the main problems during college. While there are a lot of ways through which you can easily go through these problems and smoothly pass your time, the best one is to stay motivated. If you are motivated to work hard and achieve something, the willingness and ability to deal with problems and struggles multiplies. Students writing without having to compromise on quality and students acing difficult exams without spending entire nights studying are all highly motivated.

Following are some benefits that you will enjoy as a motivated student at college:

  • Save time: An important benefit is that you can save a lot of time if you are motivated. Time is the most valuable commodity for students and extra time can solve major problems like managing workload. Motivated students are more focused and less distracted which means they can complete tasks at a significantly faster rate than other students. As they complete tasks faster, they are left with more time which means that students do not need to manage time carefully and can easily look after their workload.
  • Willingness to work: A student with no motivation feels lazy and is unwilling to work at any hour of the day. Once motivated, individuals are eager to achieve their goals so they have the willingness that is required to achieve something in life. For this reason, you must find the motivation so that it is easier for you to make yourself work when it is required.
  • Focus on own goals: Lack of motivation often leads to hatred and jealousy towards other students who are doing well at college in various fields. A motivated individual is always focused on his own goals and progress which prevents him from comparing his performance from that of his batchmates. Even when these individuals are keeping a track of others’ performances, it is so that they find some motivationto work harder but not to dislike the progress of others.

With all these benefits, following are some great tips that can help you stay motivated throughout the semester and ace all the graded components of the courses you are studying:

  • Imagine the feeling after achieving ultimate goal: The main problem is that students tend to live in the present and ignore the future achievements for now. According to a survey, the most motivated students find motivation by visualizing how they would feel once they achieve the grade they want in a course, the acceptance they have always wanted and being accepted for a dream job. Once you visualize that feeling, you will develop a fear of not being able to achieve that eventually pushing you to work harder.
  • Find someone to motivate you constantly: This technique is more relying on someone you love the most and vice versa. The person you love and who loves you would always want you to become a successful person in future which means that the person is already focused on their career. That person will remind you regularly of what you have to do so that you are motivated to work on anything. This person need not to be a recent relationship but in fact most motivated students look up to their mother or father for motivation.
  • Keep rewarding yourself: “Rewards” is one word that makes every other person happy regardless of their age. If you are sure that you will be rewarded once you complete your work, the speed of writing and motivation in other activities increases by a large amount. So another great strategy of motivation is that set minor targets and then upon completion of each target. Treat yourself with a hot chocolate or dinnerand you will be eager to complete one short target as soon as possible. While this may seem a bit illogical but psychologists have proven this point.
  • Check others’ performance if you think that would help: If you are a kind of person who does not care what is going in other peoples’ life, you can find motivation through others’ performances in life. Some students see other peoples’ progress and then suddenly realize that there is something they can do to improve so they are now more motivated to study hard and successfullyachieve their motivation. This feeling of competition is built in students’ mind from a very young age which then expands year by year and it is you who must recognize which ideas of studying are old now.
  • Remind yourself about how you reached here: Where you are standing today is the result of all your parents’ hardships and blessings but more than that, it is your struggle. Keep reminding yourself about how difficult the time was and if you do not work hard now, all of that would be wasted which you surely do not want. This becomes an excellent weapon to boost your motivation level when you need it the most.
  • Respect depends on your success: Finally, if you want people to respect you, you must be successful in one way or another. Success is not only related to career but can also come about in academics, student-ruin societies and athletics. In order to win that success you need to be a motivated individual determined to achieve his life goals.

These are some of the top-most methods that experts have suggestedfor motivation. You must never rely on one strategy because you never know which strategy works best under a situationso develop a combination at the start of semester. Make motivation an essential aim for yourself because it will make your college life easier and smooth.

Once you continue your journey as a motivated student, you will recognize the difference by yourself. Motivation is an excellent weapon so use it where you believe it is necessary.

Author bio: Jennifer Braga is an entrepreneur and public speaker who has published many papers. After obtaining her postgraduate degree in entrepreneurship, sheexpanded her current business.