Most of us will abandon our regular diet routine during Holiday Season. It is time for us to indulge in the treats and sumptuous dishes.  However, for those who are concern with their body figure, this season can also mean incurring additional pounds.  If you want to avoid the fats and calories this Christmas, it’s time for you to try something new.  Fitness Holiday in Thailand is now considered as the latest trend for people who want to enjoy the luxury of travel but still want to maintain their tone figure.

Exercise Retreat: A Perfect Way For Holiday

Fitness Holiday in Thailand

Embark on a journey in Thailand that is focused on fitness and your wellness through exciting physical exercises.  This training camp provides a customized package that will surely be enjoy by everyone particularly by the health conscious.  Furthermore, you will be able to experience it while marveling at the stunning view of the island and the beach.  You may choose from their wide range of boot camps that will teach you the art of Muay Thai or opt for their other fitness programs.

Workout and Fitness

The landscape of the island in Thailand offers you incredible opportunities for walking hikes.  The boot camps near the beach offers great core workout that will boost the strength of your core muscles.  It also includes Muay Thai classes that can cover any type of individuals from the beginners to the professional fighters.  Workout and fitness Holiday also offers dynamic conditioning and strength class.

Organic and Healthy Foods

When you are on a fitness vacation in Thailand, you will realize that you are giving yourself the opportunity to avoid the temptation of indulging on the high-calorie foods during the Holiday season.  A significant number of restaurant in the island are offering healthy and nutritious snack that is ideal to support your daily exercise routine.  You may have a healthy green smoothie or fruit drinks during the morning.  There are also protein shakes and juices that are detoxifying.  The clay water found especially on the island is known to be a powerful hydrating elixir.

A Premium Accommodation

Most of us are thinking that since it is a boot camp, then we will generally be spending most of our time in a not so desirable accommodation; however, this is common misconception.  When you choose to have a fitness holiday in Thailand, you will be welcomed with deluxe accommodations.  Every guest room are optimized in order to promote a better sleeping  and they also provide daily housekeeping in order to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of the room.  After the long and tedious Muay Thai training such as , you can also enjoy the rest of the day relaxing at the saltwater pool.

Weekend Travel

And it will not be entirely about training and exercise, you will have the chance to spend the weekend together with your new found friends in the camp on a beach trip and enjoy all the activities and amenities that the resort has to offer.  You may also go on a trip to the night market where you can find some of the most affordable souvenirs in Thailand.

So what are you waiting for?  Visit the official website of the boot camp training and book for a reservation right now.