Events of any kind, whether outdoor festivals or indoor trade shows, can be the perfect way to reach an audience of people already interested in your field. With hundreds of like-minded people under one roof, events can be an ideal location to launch a new product, promote your latest range of services and learn more about what is happening within your industry. With their popularity rising amongst attendees as well as exhibitors, the competition to gain the attention of prospective customers is high and you need to able to ensure your stand doesn’t get hidden by competitors with larger budgets and spectacular displays. With creating thinking and clever use of all elements, you can create cost effective event display materials that will appeal to your target audience.

What’s Your Message?

Thought and attention to detail is key when considering the design of your exhibition display items. You only have one opportunity to make a lasting impression on your target audience and you will reap the rewards of an effective, well designed marketing materials. Before considering the style, layout and content though, you need to fully understand what you need to get out of the event. Confirming your goals and objectives will help you create your marketing message and how you are going to share that through your event marketing collateral. Continuity throughout will strengthen and add clarity to your message and effective design will help share it with your prospective customers.

Less is More

With your objectives set and your message defined you now need to work on the content. When it comes to display materials, it can be too easy to try to fit everything in. Don’t overdo it! Keep your copy significant and minimal as less is more when it comes to the content of displays. Think about it, people will walk past your stand and take a quick glance so you need to ensure they can grasp what you do and what you are promoting immediately. If they don’t connect with your business then they may just walk past without coming on to your stand.

Let your Logo do the Talking

Your key message and logo should appear at the top of your exhibition banners. Whatever message you want to get across whether you are promoting your latest product range or launching a special offer or simply would like to add your company mission statement or tagline, keep your message at eye level to guarantee success.

Exhibition Displays That Work For You

Events are a Contact Sport!

With your logo firmly located at the top of the banner, don’t forget to add your contact details at the bottom. It’s so easy to forget to add them as we can get swept away with creativity and ignore the most important detail. You can’t guarantee you will be available to speak to everyone so interested parties need a way of making contact with you and your team. Include your email and website address as well as social media channels and telephone number. Position them well and ensure they are large enough to be easily located and read so you don’t lose a single prospective customer.

Colour to Create Impact

Remember to use lots of colour. Bright, well laid out and cheerful design will always gain attention at exhibitions and that’s what you’re there for, to shout about your organisation’s products and services! Ensure the colours you choose compliment your brand palette and logo and think carefully about the colour of your background, text and borders. Be bold, brave and creative and you will certainly reap the benefits of your effort.

Images to Grab Attention

Create a lasting impression by using stunning and emotive images. An effective way to capture the attention and imagination of your target audience, images can also help break up bodies of text to make a more interesting visual aid. Ensure your images are of a high resolution and quality as every flaw will be revealed when the picture is enlarged on your banner. You need a quality image to represent your organisation well and to capture the attention of the passing crowds.