Facebook becomes the favorite place to share and view videos even though it’s not a specific video-based platform. In term of business, the video could be a potential marketing force on the Facebook platform. However, keeping your audience on video for long and engaging them could be a daunting task. Losing the audience’s interests means losing chances to convert them into actual buyers.

Here are some tips on Facebook Video Marketing Strategy

Use The Audience Retention Feature

This feature allows you to gain information about the total views within a period of time, video duration, and 30-second views count. This will inform you of how long averagely the viewers can stand watching your video content. This way, you can evaluate the ideal video duration and parts of the video should be improved. Furthermore, you can use the data to develop other contents to be more engaging and converting. Even though the analysis can only be done manually by far, it’s still a valuable source of development for your business.

Identifying Viewers

It’s very important to identify the viewers whether they’re your followers or not. It would inform you of how many users can reach your video content based on the ongoing marketing strategy. Identifying the viewers will help you to improve the segmentation of your next video content.

Identifying Engaging Part

It’s very valuable if you can identify the engaging part of your video so you can put more similar emphasizes or develop more engaging video contents. This way, you’ll have a greater chance to convert the audiences into the actual buyers to your products. Fortunately, Facebook has Zoom Chart feature which allows you to perform this identification.

Identifying Audiences

Depending on what you’re selling and marketing strategy, you may want to identify the demographics of the audiences. For instance, you can identify it by gender, certain group ages, interests, locations, orientation, time, and so forth. The more comprehensive your identification, the more accurate the data you can get to develop better contents.

These are some tips you can use for making your video marketing better. As you’ve seen, it’s not about the success of the first attempts. The audiences are very dynamic, so it’s very natural if you take some times to measure, identify, and find the pattern. It could be exhausting and requires a dedicated work to build a customer-centered video marketing, but it’s the best way to engage and converts the audiences.