Roofing projects require big investment and proper planning. When the roof starts to get damage because of aging or eternal elements the homeowner will have to get it replaced. When the roof attained a certain age, replacement is considered as a better option than repair. For replacing the roof one must hire a professional, skilled and licensed roofing contractor. The licensed roofers are certified by the government for their skills and techniques. Hiring licensed roofing contractors Canton Michigan to ensure worker safety and proper installation. There are several factors which may make the roof replacement project costlier for the homeowners in Michigan. Some of the most influencing factors are


#1. Roof Pitch

With increased roof pitch, the cost of installation will also increase. For steeper roofs, the roofing contractors will need to place extra boards to ensure the safety measures while covering the roof. The steepness of the roof can make the work more labor-intensive and therefore increase the labor cost.


#2. Adding Ventilation on The Roof

While getting the roofing project done many people wish to design proper roofing ventilation for the house. Proper ventilation ensures good air circulation in the home and with ventilation installation, the budget of the roofing project will also increase.


#3. Design and Layout of the Roof

The cost of roof installation completely depends on the design and layout of the roof. If you are planning to get a designer and detailed roof, you must be prepared for the additional roofing and installation cost. The added design element not only increases the labor cost but the requirement of roofing material will also increase.


#4. Size and Height of the Roof

The roofing contractor you hire will inspect the height and size of your roof and will accordingly provide you with the budget. Most of the roofer charge for installation according to the square measurement of the roof.  A smaller roof will cost more per square than a larger one due to setup costs, preparation work, and any equipment placement that needs to be made at the job site. The height of the roof is also one of the costs determining factor as with higher homes such as 2 and 3 story homes more equipment is usually needed to places supplies, roofing materials, etc on the roofing surface.


If your home is previously re-roofed, the replacement will cost you high. Re-roofing is the process of adding a new layer of roofing material on top of already installed one. Re-roofing is a cost-effective and economical method but it can only be done once on the home as only two layers of shingles are allowed due to weight-related issues. If the roofing contractor will have to remove two layers of the roof before installing the new one the cost of roofing project will increase because of added labor cost and for removal of debris and cleanup.


Consider all the factors before finalizing the roofing project and hire the best and most reputed roofing contractors in Canton Michigan, for your roof replacement project.