While buying concrete pumps, the most common problem that most people face is that whether they buy a new concrete pump or a used on. Unless there is a fascination of the individual towards buy and using new products, it doesn’t make too much sense to invest thousands of dollars of new machinery, when the used ones would serve you equally. However, there are certain factors that should be evaluated before you decide to buy used Schwing concrete pumps for sale.

Market Demand

This is one of the major factors that should be considered before investing on concrete pumps. If there is not enough number of customers in your area, an investment on the concrete pumps may not prove to be a very intelligent one. You might want to conduct a survey on how many concrete pumping companies are already doing business in your neighborhood and what is the number of such company’s vis-à-vis the number of contractors who would be taking the pumps on rent from you. If you yourself are a contractor, you may want to confirm that you would need the concrete pump pretty often.

Brand of the Pump

This is another very important point while buying concrete pumps. There are many brands available and like everything else, you would certainly want to lay your hands on the best brands of concrete pumps. Thus, while buying concrete pumps for your own business, you may want to look for Putzmeister or Schwing concrete pumps for sale, which have very good reputation in the market.

Condition of the Pump

Needless to say, while buying a used concrete pump, you would need to check the physical condition of the pump. While companies that sell used concrete pumps do the necessary maintenance works before putting up for sale, but that should not deter you from checking on the condition yourself.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Used Concrete Pumps

Where to get them

There are two ways to find good quality used concrete pumps. Either you find a company that is upgrading their equipment and hence they are selling off their old equipment, or you can find a reputed company that has the repute of selling high quality used concrete pumps. In the first case, as the company would have been using the pumps themselves before they went for an upgrade, they would have done all necessary maintenance works to keep the pump at its best condition. In the second case, it is the reputation of the company that would make them sell pumps which are in top notch condition. Either ways, you would be getting the best quality used pump at a very nominal and affordable price.

Warranty Options

Before buying used concrete pumps, you should also keep an eye on the warranty that is being offered by the seller company. While many companies do not offer any warranty on used equipment, there are many who offer a good warranty period which can extend up to 12 months as well. Be it a small trailer pump or a boom pump, you would obviously want to put your money on a unit that comes with some warranty and still does not burn a hole in your pocket.