The cosmetic brand Estee lauder was the brainchild of Mrs. Estee Lauder whose consistent efforts made it a reputed brand in the international beauty forum. The house of beauty built by Estee lauder was carried forward by her heirs especially William Lauder. For the Lauder’s carrying forward and expanding the business of Estee lauder was not just a business it was a way of living for them that taught them the art of life.

Estee lauder was a visionary who had the farsightedness that all women can look beautiful and she had firm faith in the art of makeup. She created Estee Lauder to provide customers all over the world with premium quality cosmetic products. In 1946, Estee lauder began as a fledging cosmetic business but later on it became a global industry loved by upscale women population all over the world.

Achievements of Estee Lauder

She did not circumscribe her business parameters by placing concentration on beauty industry only but rather gave attention to other departments like fragrances. Her fragrances like Beautiful and Aramis are remembered even today as one of the best selling fragrance brands. After the retirement of Estee Lauder she wanted her heir’s especially her children and grand children to further overtake the control of the company of Estee Lauder. William Lauder children played a commendable role in supporting their father during controversies and any allegations on his character.

Dedication of William Lauder

Gradually Estee lauder, passed on to William Lauder. He became a prominent member in the board of directors and also a motivating force in the company. He took various exclusive decisions in the company that made him a man of exceptional business prowess. He won hearts of many by his capabilities as a successful leader and also because his humble nature.

The family of William lauder respects him not only as a successful business man but loves him more as a doting father. William Lauder Children supported him throughout the times of crisis believing in his innocence firmly. Any attempt to harm his reputation was put done by his family members. He became part of breast cancer initiative thereby spreading awareness regarding this dreadful disease. His mother also held several campaigns for awareness of woman’s health. As such he imbibed certain qualities form two very important women of his life thereby making a name for himself. He is therefore known both as a successful business man and a man with selfless devotion towards the society.

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