It is Growing!

            This is the time for all the global happenings everywhere around the globe. The most important aspect of this trend is the food industry. Unlike the olden days or past decades, people from all over the world are taking an interest in the food and cultural habits of the other countries and just as business has become global, the travel required for the executives is also becoming very essential. Gone are the days, when you have to carry all the needed food necessities along with you when you go abroad. But now, this has changed for the better and people are shy of trying out international cuisine and there are many restaurants that have come up to cater to all the countries of the world. The flux of travellers be it for education, or business, or as tourists has become more these days. This trend necessitates the opening of new eateries for that particular people who share the culture and those who visit the different countries. It also can be a new experience for the others to try new types of cuisine and try other cultures. Unless you are exposed to different cultures, you cannot say you have become a global citizen.

It is Japanese!

            There was a time when people were so awe of anything that is Japanese especially the food. We all know their strength in the car and electronic world, but their food was still as elusive as many of their cuisines were either raw or half cooked. The fish that are raw is difficult going down your throat. But, now, it has changed as there are many Japanese restaurants come up all around the world. The discussion here is the restaurant in Indonesia where they serve all the delicacies of Japan and this is called Ramen Jakarta where you get the genuine food from Japan made by their master chefs who are so artistically inclined not just in the way the food is cooked or prepared but also on the way it is displayed and arranged and the whole meal is assembled.

Their Specialty:

            There are many mouth-watering dishes that you can try from this restaurant that will have you coming back for more such as the pork tenderloin in a bath of soup and sprinkled up with ultra thin noodles that need definitely a lot of patience and experience to make. Some of the dishes are quite hot and pungent and some of them have o be taken hat temperature wise in order to get the better taste of the dish. The names of these special dishes are so different and very ethnic.

The Combo:

            Apart from the individual dishes that can be had there, you can also go for the combos that they offer such as the dish that comes with the starter, the main course and the dessert, not to mention the cool drink to sip through while enjoying the meals.

The Veggies:

            There are several fresh vegetables that you can taste from these authentic Japanese cuisines such as the use of spring onions, specialty mushrooms in piping hot beef broth, and if the ramen noodles are combined with this, there is no equal to it i the ramen noodle world. The use of raw herbs is another important aspect of the food and the crunchy salad made with potatoes are worth the wait.

It is Healthy!

            Though most of the food and dishes in Ramen Jakarta are meat based, the right addition of vegetables in their raw form in very hot broth makes it so different and a taste that will linger on for a long time.