Planning a Berlin tour but are wondering what will you do or what landmarks are must-see ones or which restaurants fall under must-try list. Millions of tourists experience these same questions, before they visit Berlin. Below are some right tools to plan successful Berlin trip.

Berlin pass is good option 

First time tourists can purchase Berlin Welcomecard from the internet or at tourist info booths found at public transport and in multiple hotels. You get minimum 48 hours to 6 days pass. Choose an airport before you purchase a pass because Berlin Centre AB fare zone includes just the TXL airport [Tegel] and Berlin Potsdam ABC fare zone includes SFX airport [Schonefeld]. Best part of buying the pass is that you can save 50% on major tourist attractions, hop on hop off bus tours, etc.

Best airport to arrive and depart in Berlin

There are two international airports in Berlin. The Tegel located in Northwest and Schoenefeld in Southeast. The latter caters to low budget airlines and charter flights, while former is standard airport with lounges and tight security.

From airport to city center guidance use maps

If you arrive at Tegel airport then take bus or taxi because train system is not connected. From the Schonefeld airport you can easily get a train or bus. There are several apps that can help you find way around Berlin including the official DB navigator, BVG app, Google maps, and more. However, you will need a Wi-Fi but there is free internet available at train stations.

You can download a hardcopy of Berlin tourist map because common geographic features like rivers, lakes, road network, landmarks, national parks, museums, tourist centers, hotels, and camping sights get featured in these. It is convenient for tourists to carry around while moving around unknown zones without any concern of getting lost.

Different tours

Yellow bus tour

It is a hop on/off bus, which gives a ride to see all the basics in Berlin. You get to see popular sights for a fraction of euros. Get off at any stop take pictures, then wait for next yellow bus. You get yellow bus at regular intervals, so is a great way for tourists to explore Berlin in limited time.

Walking tour

Walking tours are guided but for free. So, for budget travellers this is a good idea to sight see in Berlin. When you walk, you get an insight of the city instead of just browsing around without any inkling of what you see. For self guided walking tours you can explore Berlin at your own speed. You can appreciate the tradition, culture, and locals a little more with detailed walking tour maps including background information and photos for specific attractions.

Bike or bicycle tour

In summer, you can enjoy guided Berlin tour on bike. You get a chance to discover exciting neighborhoods, explore hidden streets, ride on off-beaten path, and breathe in local Berlin magic. You get to stop every now and then because the guide will explain the location or landmark history and give time for photo shooting.

Must-visit Berlin’s tourist attractions for first time visitors

  • Bradenburg gate
  • The Holocaust Memorial
  • Bundestag Dome
  • Berlin’s victory column
  • Gendarmenmarkt
  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • The Broken Church
  • East side gallery
  • Neue Heimat
  • Monbijoupark
  • Berlin Cathedral

Carry a Berlin Tourist attraction map to explore, you just need to click on landmark symbol and get detailed information about its history. You can even get to know at which sights Berlin Pass is approved or which restaurants offer exclusive discounts to pass holders. Download the map from

Berlin walking maps, metro maps, and tourist attraction maps are extremely useful for first time visitors, so please remember to get one!