Your wedding day is all about you, but your reception needs to cater to your guests. The reception is what people will remember most about your wedding, and you need to make it fun, entertaining, and memorable. With that in mind, here are five unique ways to make your wedding reception an even no one will forget in a hurry.

Serve food fit for a fair

The reception is supposed to be fun, so why not make it so? Hardly anything is more fun than a fair, so instead of serving the usual wedding fare that everyone is expecting (and, let’s be honest, most people don’t enjoy) why not step it up a notch and serve something unexpected and enjoyable?

Your guests will love deep-fried Snickers bars, Coney Island hot dogs, and a cotton candy machine rental. Cotton candy is one of those things that’s as much fun to watch as it is to eat, so this makes the perfect reception food. Expect to see even the grandparents get a bit giddy at the chance for that stringy, oh-so-sweet delight.

Give the groomsmen or bridesmaids a theme

The ceremony itself is buttoned up and serious; and it should be. You’re making some serious vows and committing to spend the rest of your life with your partner. The reception, however, is a different matter. That’s when it’s time to let loose.

Your groomsmen can wear superhero costumes under their tuxes, and your bridesmaids can do the same or go for Disney princesses or members of a famous singing group: whatever your creativity suggests. The guests won’t suspect what’s about to happen when the wedding party members start taking off their fancy clothes.

Get your bounce on

Bouncy houses are a staple of children’s birthday parties, but adults love them just as much. Many of your guests will have special memories of these fun places from their childhood. Let them indulge their inner child—and celebrate your special day—with a wedding bouncy castle.

You can rent a bouncy house in almost any style you can imagine. You might not be able to fit as many adults in at one at a time as you can when kids are using it; but you’ll be surprised at how fun your guests find this air-filled rubber wonder.

Get a less-conventional photographer

Good wedding photographers will capture your special ceremony moments and know just how to position the wedding party photos in an elegant way your grandmother would approve of. A great wedding photographer will know how to bring a sense of humor to the event.

Whether your photographer has the bridesmaids running from Godzilla or catches your reception guests in their most humorous, drink-fueled moments, it’s worth asking around to get just the right photographer. A great photographer knows how to deliver photos that will never cease to bring you happy memories; but they won’t interrupt a great party to do so.

Play around at your reception

Your reception can be held anywhere. Yes, anywhere. You can have it in a fast food restaurant or a pizza joint. You can hold it on a mini-golf course or in a bowling alley. You can have it at a theme park, a zoo, or on a dinner cruise. If you want your wedding reception to really stand out, it needs to be held in an unexpected place.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. No rule says your reception must be held in the church kitchen, a hotel ballroom, or Uncle Ned’s restaurant. Everyone tends to gravitate towards the same reception locations; but that’s no reason you should do so. It’s your special day, so make it a day that your guests will never forget!