Are you dreaming of standing the fountain in your garden? Which one, a big or impressive? There was time when the garden fountains were popular in a big gardens, parks, or landscape magazines. This decoration element is rather popular now. You can easily use if fort you garden! You feel relaxed when you are looking for the water streams. Fountains are attractive for birds and butterflies. What a beauty! You can easily find the variety of interesting ideas for your inspiration, including traditional European and Eastern variants. It is time to start from the most interesting variants that are good for gardens of different styles.

Capilano Fountain

Classic of Genre

Of course, you’ve seen the fountain of this type before: two oval bowls, lions’ heads. If you like aristocratic European classics this kind of fountain must be perfect for you. It is good in the center of the flower bed, at the terrace to make your every outdoor dinner interesting and relaxing.

Oasis in the Stony Jungles

If you are modern and like modern style in everything, you should pay attention to laconic forms. The small and simple fountain is good for every garden. But it is especially good for the small gardens. You can put the plants and flowers around it to admire the composition at close range.

Nature is Close

Do you feel crazy of waterfalls, mountain rivers? Even if you live in a big city and nature is far from you, you can create the beauty of waterfall in your garden. Your choice is a fountain made of big stones. You may also use gravel stones, plants and enjoy the piece of mountain landscape in your garden.

Japanese Flavors

You can create a unique composition: make a stony landscape and add the bamboo watering pot. Your garden looks like Japanese landscape now. The fountain with bamboo elements is the popular element of Japanese garden.

Fountain in the Pot

The big pots are interesting to be used for garden landscape. It is a great idea to make a fountain in one of the pots like this. Just pick the pot of the size you need and put the steam of water inside to flow out of the pot. It is not difficult to do but looks impressive.

Stone Bowl Fountain

Stony Garden

If you are fond of minimalism and wild nature, you can try to create a sculpture composition with fountain, flowing down from the stony rock. The rock is made of stones of different forms and sizes. This composition doesn’t need special decoration to be the brilliant attraction for your grass lawn.

Flower Bed Fountain

Try to put the fountain in the flower bed. You can make it special by different colors, aromas and fresh water.

Green and Water

This is a good idea to plant the greenery around the fountain making it a real tropic paradise. To better the effects try to make the wall and fountain construction neutral by color to pay more attention to the green plants around.


There is one more original decision for all who like exotic – pond-fountain. You can put the water pump in the pond or in the bowl at the high level to have a lovely fountain-pond.


Sculptures have always been the characteristic of good style and classic example of Western and Eastern gardening. It looks marvelous and especially attractive in the odd corner of the garden.

Anadlusan fountain

Wall Fountain

Are looking for something special for your patio? There is nothing better than fountain, falling down from the wall. It takes a little space but looks amazing!

Mediterranean Patio

If you had enough space in your garden for big patio, you can try to create something in Mediterranean style. Just try to make a stony ark with the fountain in the middle. It is better to place the art at the wall. You may use a big bowl, mini-pool and colored tiles.

Waterfall Cascade

If the landscape of your garden is complex with the high ladder or stairs, you can place the fountain there. Don’t be surprised. You can create the cascade fountain the same forms as the stairs. What a grandiose and interesting solution! By the way, this kind of fountain composition looks like a real waterfall.


There is another idea for everyone who likes interesting solutions. You can make a unique composition made of stones, water and lights. You can place it on the crossing of the garden pathways to be the main composition of your garden. You feel yourself in aristocratic way, walking along the composition like this.

Water Streams Run Across the Whole Park

National Botanical Gardens Athens

It is not a secret that Greek capital is interesting in gardening and architecture. How about the fountains? Welcome to the Botanical Garden in Athens. It was founded in the 4th century. If you are in the airport or in the hotel, you can use Goldcar car rental Athens to get to the green oasis. It is almost in the center of the city. You can spend a lot of amazing moments here, enjoying the beauty of nature, exotic birds, fountains and waterfalls. The first decorative plans were taken from Milan. Then, the plants and flowers were taken from Europe and North Africa, and, of course, from different parts of Greece.

What a pleasure to come to the garden for picnic, walk along the shady pathways, have a rest of the bench under the tree or admire the waterfall from the nearest fountain. There are many trees, bushes, colorful flowers and exotic birds and animals. You can see the Antic elements in the garden decoration like stones, statues, arcs, sun clock. There is also a library and playground for kids. The most of the trees in the garden are as old as the garden is. So, it can be easily called the green museum in the open air.

Longwood Gardens - Conservatory & Fountains

Hope, you have already picked the idea of making a fountain in your garden! Share it and be inspired!