Instagram is one of the most popular media platforms both for socialites and business activities. It’s the best social platform if you have a big concern on the branding. Instagram provides your brand and products with greater and targeted exposure. Here are some fundamental works you should pay attention to develop business branding.

Managing Your Page

It’s where you start everything. You need to describe your brand or business in a very limited number of character. It’s highly suggested to communicate what your business is doing. A slogan or catchy statement may work well while it’s also the best place to place relevant hashtag related to your branding strategy.

Another important part of your profile is the link part. You can place a direct link to any events or promos you want to present in the Instagram platform or it could be your business page with special offers as the landing page. Encourage your followers to click the link so you can boost the exposure of your brand even further.

Managing Your Post

If you’ve done with the profile, now is about your posting activities. It’s about how, what, and when you post the content. You need a main theme which is applied to all of your posts and the theme should be built based on your branding strategy. It’s not mainly about advertising your products but to introduce and socialize your business brand on Instagram.

Instagram works as a community which is very valuable to your brand building. Don’t create exclusive contents on Instagram. Instead, community-themed videos or involving the community in your content making process are the best strategy. For example, having an event with sports, art, or educators communities.

Managing Competition through The Platform

There is tight competition on the Instagram platform. The good news is that you wouldn’t have to be in a cold war. It’s natural to stalk your competitors and see what they’ve posted on their page and/or how do they use relevant hashtags on it. Just follow your competitors, and you’ll be followed back then get more followers.

In fact, studying your competitors can be easier done on Instagram than in other social media platforms. Instagram load the dynamic, responsive, and actual market flows so it’s the best place to keep updated. This way, you can improve your branding strategy to more responsive to the actual market.