In this era of cut-throat competition, every individual desires to be more alert and productive in terms of his or her work deliverables. This situation is prevailing at every sphere of world, at home, at work place and at educational institutions. A good health can provide buttress to this desire of an individual. This goes with the old proverb “Health is wealth”. The dictionary meaning of health suggests that health refers to fitness of body and mind and a condition of freedom from any disease or ailment. A fit body along with a sound and stress-free mind can deliver smart work which can drive any person to the greater heights of success.

This necessitates that everyone should make attempts for the attainment of mental and physical fitness. This can be achieved through some regular practices like

  • Regular exercises,
  • Proper diet plans,
  • Balanced work plan and life style

(1) Regular Exercise Habits

(a) For both mental and physical fitness, a person can adopt the habit of doing physical exercise of at least 30 minutes to boost the supply of oxygen to the brain and to facilitate proper bold circulation in the body. This exercise will provide energy to the body and can help in improving the reasoning and memory capability of mind.

(b) Normally, there is a myth that physical exercise can be taken up during morning or evening hours only. However, research suggests that a person can work out during lunch break also and then can eat healthy to be fit both mentally and physically. Besides that, taking in products like – pramiracetam powder might also be required.

(2) Proper Diet Plan

(a) Intake of nutritious food and adherence to a balanced diet can facilitate in keeping the body and mind healthy. Eating of plenty of wholegrain cereals, leafy greens, dairy food and Vitamin B is quite essential for a healthy body and brain.

(b) There is a misconception that all the carbohydrates are equal. In reality this is not the case and a person should put the controls on the intake of carbohydrate as excess intake of the same can lead to various health illness.

(c) Keeping in view of the body requirements, the various food items that can be considered for consumption include:-tea, herbs, spices, whole grains, seeds, nuts, beans, fruits and vegetables.

(d) There are also certain food items whose intake can increase the metabolism and can aid in burning the fat at a faster rate. These include:- Brown rice, whole wheat pasta, cereals, oatmeal, fruits, proteins from animals and plants and vegetables.

(3) Balanced Work Plan and Life Style

(a) Life style plays a vital role in affecting the health of a person. A person capable of maintaining a good balance between personal and professional life can attain more productivity at every front of life. If the above condition is not fulfilled it will cause a fatigue mind and subsequently the result will also be reflected on the body as the mind and the body has considerable relationship with each other. So, many researchers put stress on attainment of a sound mind to achieve a sound body.

(b) Voracious reading, intellectual exercises, engagement in stimulating conversations and taking up of mental activities to explore new things – all these can improve the spatial awareness of the mind and can improve the metal fitness of aperson. Make sure the products such as pramiracetam powderare bought from genuine dealers.