Are you working as a Programmer Analyst and interested in working somewhere abroad? If the answer is in affirmative, then you will be pleased to have information regarding the requirement of Australian companies for analyst programmer – anzsco 261311. You must be wondering what ANZSCO, right? But in case, you are not having that degree to qualify as an analyst programmer then this is an opportunity to get one. Let’s learn more about this profession.

Get Handsome Pay by Working As An Analyst Programmer - Anzsco 261311

Who the programmer analysts are?

The Analyst programmers are those engineers who are experienced in designing, developing and implementing programs of computer. They should possess knowledge and information about various recent trends occurring in computer technology and at the same time, they should be capable enough to work as a team.

Duties of an Analyst Programmer:

These programmers have skills and expertise of almost every field related to computer technology but some of their main duties involve:

  • Investigating, consulting and communicating, scrutinizing and evaluating needs of system program.
  • Spotting the limitations of technology and insufficiency of existing systems and related procedures, processes and methods
  • Testing, diagnosing and rectifying faults and errors in a software programming language
  • Writing and keeping up with the code of program in order to fulfil the requisites, technical specifications, and system designs as per the accredited quality standards
  • Writing, modernizing and preserving programs of technical nature and procedures of operation
  • Giving advice, expertise and guidance in the development of strategies and proposals for the activities of designing software like costing and financial evaluation for the purpose of recommending application updates and purchases.


The programme analyst must possess:

  • A stage of expertise and skill proportionate to graduate degree or qualifications of higher level.
  • Minimum experience of five years or/and relevant certification of vendor can proved to be a substitution of formal qualification.
  • In few cases, on the job training or relevant experience might be required with the formal qualification (ANZSCO Level 1 Skill)

Pre requisites of obtaining working visa:

The prospective candidate seeking working visa of Australia is required to fulfil below mentioned requirements in order to be eligible for the same:

  • The minimum age of the candidate should be eighteen years while maximum should be thirty years.
  • They should be having a valid passport renewal date of which should be after six months
  • They should be having enough funds to finance their return and sufficient amounts of financial resources to fund their stay in Australia
  • They should pass the character and health criteria.

No opportunity can be bigger and better than this which has been offered by Australian entrepreneurs to the people having qualifications and degree of an analyst programmer. So what are you waiting for? Make a move for applying for working visa and immigrate to Australia as an analyst programmer anzsco 261311.