Students these days don’t know how lucky they are when you think about all the tools, and online assistance available to help them succeed. Read on and we summarise just a few of the modern tools now available to students to help them succeed academically. By the end of the blog, we hope to highlight just how much things have changed since we used little more than chalk and board!

Essay Banks

An essay bank is a service now readily available to most students across many areas of academic specialism. The essay bank is an electronic database of essays that have previously been submitted, or written by students. The essays are categorised and you can search the essay bank for an essay completed at anything from GCSE level to more complex ones completed at Ph.D. level.

Different prices reflect the degree of specialism, and the level of research that will have gone into the essay. These essays can be downloaded and used as a guide by students who have never written an essay previously. For students who are not sure of how to prepare a university level essay, the essay bank can be a real lifesaver – all a student has to do to understand structural requirements is to study how the essay is composed and follow this as a template in the case of their own essay. This service is proving to be very popular and lots of students have benefitted from reviewing work completed by others doing similar tasks.

Essay Writing Services

Custom essay writing services like Oxbridge Essays are there for students who need some custom guidance on how to create the perfect essay. With this service, the student can order an essay online and the custom essay writing service will find an expert qualified in the subject area who can be commissioned to write an example essay, essay plan or suggested answer. This can then be used by the student as a guide so that they can create their own essay, argument or develop their own work.

Spell Checking, Online Thesaurus and New Innovations Like Grammarly

Years ago you had to reply on the paper dictionary, and thesaurus you may have had to go the library to borrow. Back in the day, you might even have had to “book” one of these resources in advance. Of course now, things are very different. Laptop computers have automatic spell-checking facilities and you can go online to access thesaurus facilities or this might even be inbuilt into your computer.

These days, things are even more sophisticated for those students who can pay a little extra for new innovations. Take Grammarly as an example. This innovation successfully checks your text, and suggests improvements and explains grammar rules and syntax improvements. It finds many hundreds of errors that your laptop may not be able to find, but the downside is that it costs money to access this resource (a year of access is 139 USD).