Pool parties are synonymous with summer, don’t you agree? On the other hand, the organization of a party takes time and money. Not in our case. Stay with us to find out how to easily and quickly organize a pool party.

Pick a Date

Picking a date is a tricky thing as you need to host a party on the date everyone you planned to invite is free. The best thing you can do is to choose the weekend so that everyone can come. When you have chosen the date, invite your guests one week in advance.

Make a Guest List

The number of invitees depends on the size of your entertaining space, in this case the pool and patio. Bear in mind that not everyone is interested in the actual swimming and that someone can decline the invitation, so you can always add a few extra people on the list. Do not shy away from inviting people of different personalities. Step out from your comfort zone in order to create a fun and interesting atmosphere.

Choose the Invitations

The simplest way to invite your guests is to call them by phone or sent them an e-mail. But, as you want to host a memorable party, use more creative strategies. Find an online invitation maker and sent your unique invitations by email, or print them out. On the other hand, you can consider making hand-made invitations, as well. No matter what option you choose, you will save money and have fun at the same time.


You cannot make a pool party without umbrellas. As we have said, not everyone will swim in the pool, so having something to protect your guests from the sun is a good option. You can always opt for regular umbrellas, but why don’t you consider custom umbrellas instead? You can easily personalize them the way you want. If you have a specific party theme in mind, you should definitely consider them as it will perfectly match your décor.

Choose the Décor

The décor can really bring the touch of yourself to the party. Have fun while personalizing your pool party. For example, you can look for an inflatable palm tree cooler to keep your drinks chilled. If you are planning a party taking place in the evening, paper lanterns around the patio are great option to spice up a romantic atmosphere. If you want to create an unforgettable ambiance, floating lights are a good solution, as well.

Food and Drinks

When it comes to food, choose simple snacks you can prepare in maximum half an hour before the party. Salads, mini sandwiches, pizza, bruschetta, fruit dips and popcorns are some of the examples. Remember, it is a summer period, so choose light snacks with which you can feed the crowd.

Refreshing beverages are as indispensable as food is. Prepare alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails and do not forget to add a lot of water and ice. Some of the best alcoholic cocktails for a pool party are the mojito, the piña colada, the planter’s punch and the watermelon margarita. Prepare the lemonade, the ice tea, the ginger punch, the grape soda, or the mango smoothie for all teetotallers.

Send your Guests Off with a Gift

You cannot go wrong with party favours. Sugar cookies, candy cones or candy-filled boxes you can decorate are a great example. Prepare more snacks you will need at the party and put them in hand-made lunch boxes to show your guests you appreciate their attendance. You can make anything a party favour. Use your creative side and your guests will certainly love whatever you have made.

These great tips coupled with your creativity will make any party unforgettable!