Laser markers are immensely important tool that allows manufacturers to provide information and instructions on different products as well as make products look more elegant. Portable handheld laser marker is the type of laser maker that is well utilized to engrave information and design on the product of consideration where other laser markers fail to execute their respective work. As products of different geometrical structure are unable to undergo the conventional process of marking, introduction of this type of marking machine became mandatory. This marker can mark requisite information on different types of surfaces irrespective of the types of materials they are made of. The products also ensure the outcomes be precise, durable and resistant enough. Besides, its low cost makes it a more preferred one.


This marker is equipped with numerous qualities that empowered us to surpass other rival companies.

  • Marker volume is small and weighs lighter, runs at high speed and consists of Galvanometer.
  • Power consumption is 500 W which is lower than products produced by any other companies.
  • The air-cooling system is very effective and also demand a lesser amount of energy.
  • The temperature shift and severe environment do not affect performance.
  • Wide range of working voltage (approximately 100V-240V).
  • One laser module life is 100,000 hours, which is much higher than the products of any other company.
  • In terms of no power, battery and even car cigarette lighter can also be used as an alternative power source.
  • Our product has reduced depreciation costs greatly and can satisfy customers through increased production.


This type of laser marker is indeed versatile and can print information on different surfaces of different shapes and sizes. However, smaller products are more frequently used to make this machine. It is suitable for engraving metals such as gold and silver, labeling drinks, beer and tobacco, medical equipment, paper materials and plastics, food and medicine packing etc. Also, electron hardware, requiring depth, smoothness and accuracy are also marked by this marker.

Few companies are mainly known for its effectiveness to come up with different types of marker machines. Portable handheld laser marker is the outcome of vast experience, expertise and profound market analysis conducted by their experts. They also assure a longer life span of the products and are keen to improve further to retain our position to the top level for many years. If any customer have any queries regarding products they do not have to be worried to have assistance. Post-purchase assistance also makes the company able to give the best experience and build a long adhered relationship. Engineers of the organizations provide products like this in the lowest price possible while making sure of product quality. The performance and endurance level of the product is up to the mark as in the case of other products introduced by them.