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A healthy home is an integral part of a hale and hearty lifestyle. Living in a clean environment boosts your physical health and nourishes your overall wellbeing. All of this then contributes to a lower amount of stress in any person and thus makes them have a positive outlook towards life. However, that is not all, and a healthy environment or medical logo can also help you improve the quality of life that you spend and offers you longevity as well. To achieve such a dwelling place, you need to ensure that the dwelling place itself is conducive to the occupant’s health. In this post, we shall assess many prominent factors and resources that make your place of adoration and relaxation healthier.

Make Your Abode Healthy With These Quality Control Measures

·         All-Purpose Cleaners

All-purpose cleaners can come in a variety of forms and branding. They are specifically created to help you fight off dirt, grease, and grime from surfaces. However, many all-purpose cleaners are not specially designed to kill off germs that can cause illness and diseases. For them, there are explicit disinfectants and other agents available in the market. However all-purpose cleaners can help you clean the house for a wide variety of surfaces and might even in some cases also act as a disinfectant if proven to have special ingredients in their mix. For instance, you will find that Fabuloso, which is an all-purpose cleaner from Venezuela that can kill 99% of germs as heavily advertised.

·         Indoor Air Quality

One might consider indoor air better maintained than outdoor air, and they certainly can be no more wrong in their assumption. Indoor air quality is a huge concern as many homes have poor ventilation systems. They can quickly become a breeding ground for all forms of airborne bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. A quick way to resolve the situation is to use Air-humidifiers that prevent dry skin, can help you fight airborne diseases, and keep your wooden structures indoor intact as well. However, when it comes to combatting allergies Air-purifiers have no equal and hence more viable as they are a much safer option as well.

·         Dust Control

There are specific measures to keep your home’s dust-free. Dust control measures are an essential part of a healthy and safe environment. Dust is a major problem in homes as they are a primary source of harmful airborne fumes. Furthermore accumulated dust naturally attracts the reproduction of harmful dust mites that can cause rashes on your skin and hoard of other things. For a dust-free home, you need to tackle places that encourage dust to settle down in the first place. Carpets are like dust magnets. Plus you also cannot ignore other places in your home like furnace filters. Clean wisely and take into consideration a variety of places where dust can settle down.

·         Eradicating Molds

A type of fungus that can grow into a multicellular filament called hyphae, molds live on moisture and can throw off harmful spores in the air. Exposure to molds can have a variety of effects from one person to another. Those who are sensitive can have a range of health problems, including coughing, eye irritations, nasal stuffiness, and even wheezing, to name a few. To make your homes mold-free you there are several DIY methods, but the most recommend is to call a professional service that can help you eradicate them completely. The most dangerous of all is black mold, and they can cause black mold poisoning.

·         Feng Shui

Ancient geomancy originating from China, Feng Shui uses energy forces from surrounding environments to harmonize individuals. Feng Shui for your homes can transform them into a place of peace and prosperity. However, it is a belief system that has been proven to be extremely successful in bringing calms and much-needed balance to a lot of environments. Results show better nighttime sleep, improvement in the overall health of people as well as offering them good luck for success in both the short and long run. Other benefits include improved focus, clearing off bad energy, and allowing you to reach a higher self.

·         Hazardous Chemicals

Chemicals can be extremely hazardous if left unattended and used without the supervision of adults. All your detergents, soaps, all-purpose cleaners, and other chemical agents can cause severe poisoning and even fatality in many cases where young or unaware individuals used them without proper guidelines and instructions. That is why we strongly recommend that you keep your chemicals safely stored in a cabinet away from young kids and even old folks at home. Dedicate a separate corner for them and whenever you use them, put them back in an organized manner almost immediately. Never leave chemical agents lying around as they can bring more harm than good. According to the National Data of 2018 compiled by, 55 US poison control centers received nearly 2.1 million cases of human exposure to poisons.

·         Lead-Free Homes

A highly toxic metal, lead can cause grave health concerns, and it is known for targeting kids. If somehow lead is absorbed by the body, it can cause vital organs to shut down as well as brain damage. As per many report writing service providers, major sources of lead at homes include lead-based paints, cosmetics; toys, jewelry, and even unhealthy drinking water at times. To protect your loved ones from lead exposure, you should consider non-lead paints, clean drinking water, and purification system, cosmetics that do not contain this harmful material, etc. Awareness about lead is better than cure as it can help you take appropriate precautions and help you make informed purchases of products for your homes.

·         Plantations

Several indoor plants can help make your homes healthier too. Some of them can bring about dramatic improvements in your overall wellbeing. Spider Plant, for instance, is not only one of the easiest to maintain but can also purify your indoor air by massively consuming carbon monoxide, xylene, and even formaldehyde. They are so non-toxic that you can actually eat them as well. Others include the Snake Plant that can also purify the air by absorbing toxins through its leaves as well as producing one of the purest forms of oxygen. You can also go for Rosemary, Peace Lilly, and Boston Fern as well.

·         Rock Salt Lamps

While the research regarding the health benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps is still insufficient, many believe them to have positive effects. Rock salts were thought to have an impact on the environment where they would release negative ions into the air and provide a surplus of health benefits. Nevertheless, they are still quite pleasant to look at, just keep them away from the reach of young children. Some also claim that rock salt lamps improve night sleep, relieve stress, and reduce anxiety. However, as stated earlier, the scientific evidence to back those claims is still scarce, to say the least.

·         Safe Cooking Utensils

There are cookwares that you should avoid when it comes to cooking. These include ceramics, aluminum, granite, and non-stick cookware. Non-stick cookware has Teflon or tetrafluoroethylene that can pose serious health issues and threats such as the development of cancer and various heart diseases. The best choice for cookware, however, includes brass, bronze, cast iron, clay pots, glass, and stainless steel. Actually, the kitchen is the heart of the home as that is the place residents get the majority of their nourishment from. Keeping your kitchen safe and healthy will ensure improvement in the health of the occupants.

·         Tap Water Filtrations

Tap water filtrations offer you water that has fewer chlorine residues and other contaminants. If your family readily uses tap water for drinking, then perhaps you should install a reputable filtration unit. Several reverse osmosis filters can offer you better tasting water as well as far as filtered water is concerned.


We hope this post was able to provide you with some delightful insights regarding tweaks that can improve your home’s health. However, a healthy home has to be a conscious decision where every family member seeks to make the living environment as safe and healthy as possible. All it requires is a little bit of effort, and you can start reaping the benefits both in short and the long run. The decision, however, is yours to make, choose wisely for your loved ones.