Guava is a fruit native to warm regions of the world, here we tell you about the advantages of the fruits to protect your health and your body. Guava will surprise you.

Strengthens Defenses

Forget about colds. Because they are an excellent source of vitamin C, help you to strengthen your defenses since about seven times more concentrated than orange or lemon, but you can combine them into juice and have a refreshing mix.

Help Dehydration

In these times of heat it is advisable to drink plenty of water, but if you want to vary slightly and also feed, if you eat guava with a little salt reduces the risks of dehydration, also it helps control diarrhea.


This fruit is ideal for controlling diabetes because it does not cause high blood sugar spikes and other sweeter fruit, its acidity and sweetness is a fruit that can be enjoyed by all without risks for diabetics.


It is an excellent accessory for diets have a high water content and provide few carbohydrates, proteins and fats, which makes having a low calorific value and do not have to deprive yourself to eat something rich and sweet, but mostly healthy.


It is recommended for those suffering from diseases such as cancer, chronic inflammatory diseases, or those who practice a lot of sports or suffer from a lot of stress for their beneficial nutrients.

Nutrient Absorption

It is flattering for potassium in their diets, it is suitable for those who take diuretics that eliminate this mineral. It provides vitamins and nutrients to strengthen the development of defenses, and promotes the absorption of iron from food.


If you have high cholesterol, this fruit helps lower levels of the same and triglycerides in the blood because it contains vitamin C, is necessary for collagen formation, bones, teeth, and red blood cells.


It is always recommended that children and older adults eat healthily, and consume the fruits. Guava helps them a lot when ill with common colds, sore throat or cough, as it strengthens the defenses and the immune system.


Guava can be used to treat problems such as anxiety, nervousness and insomnia because it has sedative properties. Guava juice is ideal for treating these disorders.

Once ready recommend you consume or store them in the refrigerator. Guava is considered the queen of fruits for their excellent properties, they also help you lose weight in a natural and healthy way, you can eat alone or in various dishes.