Improve your office environment with these top gadgets.

Corporate offices usually have minimal designs and décors. It is designed to be such since business owners think that it keeps employees focused on their jobs. However, it has its disadvantages, too. Employees feel bored and employee turnover increases.

So your office installs new industrial air cleaning systems, then what? How can you bring life to a dull office set-up? In this article, we’ll give you a list of technologically advanced gadgets to brighten up your office space.

  1.    Solar USB Charger

This handy device can store solar energy to charge any device with USB charging features such as mobile phones, iPads, tablets, and the likes. Perfect for people who are always on the go and does not want to exhaust their batteries.

  1.    Desktop Punching Ball

Stress is harmful to the body. If not released, it may come out in ways one cannot expect to be. It can be harmful to both the person and to people surrounding him or her. It is indeed unhealthy. But with Desktop Punching Ball, you can have a stress reliever right in your office!

  1.    Silent Mouse

Ever had the experience where you cannot think properly because you hear every tap on the keyboard and click on the mouse? It is a frustrating experience to have. Now, experts have created a mouse with no clicking sound. This can make your working experience more silent and peaceful.

  1.    BS Button

Humans are inclined to feelings of anger and frustration. It is normal. If you need another device to vent out those unwanted emotions, you can use this BS Button. Like any button, just push it forcefully or smash it to satisfy you. Instead of verbally attacking your boss or any colleague you have, you just have to smash the button and it may help the frustration to fade either quickly or slowly. At least you have something you can use, right?

  1.    Treadmill Desk

You often can hear people complain that office work is making them gain weight. This is mainly due to excessive sitting or due to overtime work where they fail to hit the gym. A treadmill desk is a great solution to burn those fats away while you work. Instead of sitting as you work, you can literally walk or jog while checking or doing those paper works. You may even want to consider that in your own house.

  1.    Digital Smartpen

This is another cool and awesome gadget ever created. For people who are fond of writing, this one suits you best. A digital smartpen gives you the ability to record audio during meetings conducted or even convert your script to digital format so you can easily transfer it to your computer. It is such a handy creation, isn’t it?


There are a variety of new devices and gadgets which you can use to make work more fun and enjoyable. All you have to do is dare to make a change and try creating the office less stressful so that people can be more productive.