There is the rate of cars that are mostly preferable for American youth. Each of these cars is perfect as the first own car. There is the list of special recommendations for parents, who want to buy a car to their adult kids. It was noticed that there is a chance to buy the second hand reliable car for not a big price. So, what are the main characteristics of the car? Firstly, remember that Corvettes and Mustangs and other up-to-date cars make you crazy – this is the way to the hot rodding.

America is a country of hot cars and young drivers. If you want to try what you like, one of the USA Under 25 car rental locations can help you to pick the car and test it. This is the only way to find out all positive and negative car characteristics. Meet TOP 10 positions!

Teen driving 2N2

Nissan 370Z

This Japanese sport car is favorite car for young kids who like not big but speedy auto. Nissan became available for sale for $ 30 000. This is the most popular car for teenagers. As a rule, teens think that they look like James Bond in the car like this. Of course, you may buy second-hand GT-R for the same money. Nevertheless, Nissan 370 is very beautiful, good for different roads, but unbelievably expensive, especially for teenagers.

Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R was firstly produced in Japan in 2007. It was considered to be the heritor of the great Nissan Skyline. Definitely, the car is worth buying. Everyone wants it to have in the garage. The price of it is not democratic. The second hand car of this type costs about $50 000. You can meet the car for cheaper price. You should buy it immediately.

Ford Torino

Ford Torino is much cheaper than two below-listed exemplars. This retro car you can buy for $ 20 000 maximum. The car is not very attractive for collecting, so, the price must not be very high.

Ford Focus

Ford Focus is included into the list of the best-selling cars in Europe. The second hand models are very attractive by the price – $3 500.There is also the sport variant that was produced in 2002 – Ford Focus ST170. It has the improved and renewed engine, sound system and safety bags. Of course, this improved model of Focus is more attractive for teenagers. Nevertheless, the price of it is a little bit more expensive.

Mitsubishi Lancer

Mitsubishi Lancer can be named as a good budget car. The cars of this type appeared in japan at the end of the 70s. The price can be different, starting from 2-3 000 up to $ 10 000. Of course, the main characteristics of the car are safety characteristics. So, the cars of the 70s have the low safety characteristics, except for modern cars. Starting from 2005, Lancers were characterized as safe and reliable cars to take care of driver and passengers.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10 2008

Honda Accord

Honda Accord is produced since 1976. That was time when Accord became one of the most popular cars in the world. Of course, the latest car model costs no more than $ 20 000 (second-hand model). Accords of 2008 and 2002 can be bought for the price of $ 15 000 and 10 000. All of these cars are characterized as good and safe apparatus with the engine of 2.0 liters.

Honda Civic

You can start your career from this car. Oh, the most of popular racing games offer you to pick Honda for racing. Civic arose in the world market in 1972 to be the world popular car. If the car is about 20 years, you can buy it for $ 3-4 000. If you want something more up-to-date, you can buy the car for $ 10 000. By the way, Honda Civic was approved as the best Japanese car in 2001. This is the best solution for speed lovers and really cool car for teens.

Honda Civic Sedan 4D 2006 117

Ford Mustang

So, you are full of hopes for bright and speedy life. You are young and enthusiastic. Of course, you are excited with the cult car – Ford Mustang. Nevertheless, the price for car from 2004 is about $ 30 000 (second hand). You may find the old but lovely exemplar for $ 20 000. The car from the 90s will cost you about $ 10 000 to be nice but not very prestigious.

Volkswagen Golf

Golf is the best masterpiece from Volkswagen. Statistic says that more than 25 million of cars were sold in 2007. It takes Golf to the honorable 3rd place as the best-selling car in the world. Volkswagen Golf was many times approved as the car of the year in different countries. Golf is a car that is still in high demand for teens. Of course, it is not a chic apparatus. It does not look like the cool and uncontrollable as Mustang. This is a plain and reliable car that costs about $ 10 000 – 15 000 (almost new). The second hand car from the 90s costs about $ 3 000.

2012 Volkswagen Golf GTi

Subaru Impreza

There is nothing cooler that Subaru Impreza. Everyone knows it. Unlike the rest of cars, Subaru didn’t start its history from the 70s. The first model arose in 1992. Subaru became popular since 1995 when the car won the world rally championship. The year 2000 became meaningful for Subaru to win the rally prize with the best result. What about teenagers? Is the car of this type interesting for them?

Have you ever played the game Colin McRae Rally? This game boosted Subaru’s popularity to the full. Of course, teens also have a lot of cult-figures. Nevertheless, Impreza is still the best of the best in auto sport. The old Subaru Impreza from 90s you can buy for $ 2-3 000. If you are still hunting for up-to-date models, you can buy something not bad for $ 10 – 20 000. There is nothing better for teens to drive the car that is not only reliable but truly excellent.