Here’s a look at a few simple home improvement projects you can complete over the weekend:

Accent wall

Painting a wall can be trouble, especially if you are tired from a long week at the office. The likelihood of taking this project on means most rooms are painted a simple beige. Well, you could compromise with an accent wall. The difference just one wall in a bold color could make to any room can’t be ignored. It’s a terrific place to start a home remodel. It will give you a base color to work with and will also make it easier for you to select rugs, chairs, pillows, etc. The entire project won’t take more than 6-8 hours based on the size of the wall being painted.


One of the most common trends today is that of a faux headboard. What you do here is use the wall and the space which is already available and create an innovative and creative design instead of the usual bulky headboards. There are beautiful galleries all over Pinterest to help inspire you. The complexity of this project and the amount of time it’ll take to complete is up to you. You can even find decals and templates which you can stick onto a wall directly. What’s more, they are easy to change, update and can even be modified according to changing trends.


One item which is usually overlooked as far as home improvement is concerned are the faucets. But what most people do not realize is that this is an easy way of altering the look and the feel of any room. Apart from accent pillows, this is the easiest way of breathing life back into kitchens or bathrooms. You will find a great selection at any local hardware store for sure. This is a great chance to re-pet-proof or child-proof any low lying cabinets.

Back splash

This may be costly and take up a lot of time if you go about it the wrong way. But there are ways in which a back splash can be installed by just about anyone irrespective of their level of experience. There are a number of home improvement stores which sell self-adhesive, pre-made back splashes which look just like real ceramic tile. Of course, you should speak with a professional about the material and type of tile or replica that you are getting first.

Throw pillows

This isn’t as much a home improvement tip as it is a decorating tip. Details like these can certainly help stitch a room together. Think bright and bold. They are perfect to make any room interesting without being overbearing or overwhelming.