Companies are working hard to improve their work environment and increase the productivity of their employees. To do this, they are increasingly taking the help of behavioural experts to find out about the personality traits of their employees. The personality of an individual plays an important part in how an employee will behave with his or her teammates in the workplace and how he will work in a team. This is why companies are increasingly paying close attention to the personality trait of an individual before recruiting him for a job. Furthermore, improving the personality of the existing employees is also very important to create a healthy and positive environment at the workplace which is very important for achieving better output of the team.

How Different Personalities Deal With Different Situations?

While everyone understands the importance of personality development, it is very expensive to hire experts to improve the attitude of employees on one to one basis. For this, the companies are looking for fast, cheap and accurate tools that will help them to quickly identify the personality of an individual, so that he can be allotted the type of work that is more in sync with his dominant personality. To solve this problem of finding the personality of an individual fast and accurately, there are a whole host of personality development programs on the Internet. Among these, one program that have gained quite a lot of subscribers in a very short period of time due to its flexi modules for different needs of an organization is the DiSC profile test. More and more people are enrolling themselves in this program to quickly identify their dominant personality trait so that they can communicate better with their teammates, make a better decision, motivate and influence their colleagues and so on. All these are important to improve the efficiency of an individual at the workplace and raise his or her productivity.

The DiSC Profile test is based on solid scientific research in the behavioural sciences to accurately identify the behavioural traits of an individual and deduce how it influences his decision-making process. It is a very simple online test where you have to answer a series of question from a group of answers that best describes you. After submitting your answer, the DiSC program will allot a dot that represents your personality on the DiSC. According to the DiSC, an individual can have one of the 12 behavioural patterns that the DiSC believes in.

DiSC Profile test proclaims that there are four primary personality traits including, Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Consentaneousness. All these personality traits are equally important for the DiSC and an individual exhibiting any of these traits will be able to do any kind of job with proper training. These traits allow you to understand how an individual will react in a situation. It is to be understood that every individual has some percentage of all the four primary traits in him or her. However, it is the dominant one that decides how he will behave with others and take his decisions. Here we will explain some of the main features of these four primary personality traits.

Dominance: Such an individual has a go-getting approach to any challenge and loves those jobs that test his mettle. He loves to make a quick decision and has a tendency to take control of the situation and make sure that the job is done.

Influence: An individual with steadiness as his primary personality trait also has an outgoing attitude who loves to have a challenging job. However, instead of going out on his own, he likes to do it by collaborating with others to do the job quickly and efficiently.

Steadiness: He likes to help others and create a positive environment in the office space so that people can happily do their job through mutual cooperation.

Consentaneousness: He likes to deliberate on his decision-making process and is more focused on the details of the job. He likes to gain more knowledge while doing a job.