The air quality in some parts of Indonesia could be much better than it already is. The poor air quality in some areas can lead to respiratory problems and other health issues for the residents there. You might think that the air quality will automatically improve when you are inside because the windows shut out the outside air.

However, the air inside a business can have high levels of pollution, which sneaks through small gaps between windows, walls and doors. Air-quality testing can be carried out inside a building.

What Are The Air Quality Indicators?

The Indonesia indoor air quality testing is carried out with special meters which are designed to gauge the air quality inside a building with an extremely high degree of accuracy. The readings will show up as different colours on the meter so that it can be easily understood. Another reading will display on the screen to see how much the air is actually polluted.

What are the different levels of pollution and how are they displayed?

Low : When a building is being inspected, it may have a low reading for pollution, which shows up in green. This means that the air inside the building is safe to breathe. There are different levels of these readings.

The lowest level will usually occur in buildings that are in a rural setting away from built-up urban areas. People can go about their business inside the building without being advised to wear a protective mask or to evacuate to another building.

Readings in this low category which is close to the medium category suggest that there is a small amount of pollution causing activity in the area, but not something to be overly concerned about.

Medium :  When a building is being tested, it may have a medium rating for pollution, which appears in yellow. This means that the air in the building is generally safe to breathe. There are different levels for this category.

The lowest level will occur in areas which have some pollution causing activity. Towards the higher end of the medium scale, this means that the building is in a built up area or on the edge of an industrial zone. People can wear a mask at their own discretion in order to protect themselves from pollution. Evacuation is not something to be considered.

High : The highest rating of pollution appears in red on the apparatus. This occurs in heavily populated areas with a large amount of traffic that burns inefficient fuel. The red rating will also occur in some factories and warehouses which are inefficient. It can also occur in buildings which are directly next to factories or under flight paths. The wearing of a mask at all times is advised in these situations. If possible, premises can be relocated to areas where there is less pollution.

A comprehensive air quality test will ensure that people understand how polluted the air is in a particular building. Accurate readings can help people safeguard their health.