So many of you already heard about PPC and now most probably wondering how does pay per click works?. Ppc created lot of buzz in the market when it was first introduced to digital world.

Till the date, it has been considered as one of the most effective form of marketing. Ppc is quite different from other marketing techniques as it has its own ways of pulling audience towards the company product or services.

Ppc stands for pay per click advertising, it seems like a simpler process  but it is quite of a complicated method to understand.

Let’s just get started with how ppc works and what it does actually :-

How ppc works:Let just put this in a most simplest form, ppc is a paid form of advertising where you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

For example- if you wish to run ad on a billboard you need to pay for the spot. Same it is with TV commercial, newspaper, magazine and etc.

Internet also work like this except ppc, you have option to place your product ad on someone’s website but in exchange you have to pay for the space.

Ppc on the other hand works completely different, when you choose to do ppc advertising you only pay when other person clicks on your ad Rather than paying for the space only.

How it is beneficial for the business ?:The reason behind using ppc is very simple and logical,  they have option to advertise anywhere anytime.

Companies can spread the word about their product, services, offers, discount to vast audience quickly at various platforms.

Not only that, the search engines like google, yahoo offer businesses to top the search result if they allocate keywords suitably and appropriately.

Other elements of ppc :There are various types of ppc such as google adwords, bing ads, facebook ads, blog ads etc.

The most popular form is obviously google adwords which allow you to be at front on search results. Social media platforms like facebook “go-to-go” is quite effective and efficient. Blog ads is very useful as it looks like a part of the blog rather than appearing as a ad to the audience.

Time it takes?:Ppc is very quick and can be generated instantly if the manager already have an account. If he is not registered then, it take only 1-2 week in order to get started with ppc advertising. Once. you’re on it and used to the process then it usually take 1 day or so to publish.

How much it cost? :It varies from ad to ad, it can cost you 1$ per click but at the same time can also cost 50$ for the ad.

It totally depends on your budget, keywords, platform etc. If you wish to put your ad on google search engine then definitely it will cost you much more than the ad on bing. Google is the most popular search engine among all the other platforms . on the other hand, keyword you choose for the ad also affect the cost as the one which is in demand obviously come up with the heavy cost.

Bottom line: Ppc provide almost same benefit to websites as SEO but in less duration with less amount of expenditure. it demands lot of hard work and dedication in producing an ad. You will be needing a team for designing of the ad or you can also hire ppc management services for the same.