The phenomenon of Augmented Reality has impacted the day to day life in a positive way. This technology has its application in different spheres of daily life. The basic working of this technology lies in gathering data from the real world and combines them with digital tools. This creates a virtual or animation version of the real-world object, which looks a lot more interesting.

How is Augmented Reality different from Virtual Reality?

Both VR and AR technologies offer a superior level of experience to customers via three- dimensional high definition video and audio. The VR is totally immersive and draws the user into an isolated reality whereas AR is partially immersive. In AR, users can easily look through the animated form of objects of expanded layer.

The algorithm used by the system works on markers and sensors to identify the current location of physical objects. It helps in precise determination of the location of simulated objects. On implementation of this technology, it renders the pictorial representation that will be displayed on the camera screen.

Uses of AR in business

There are several uses of Augmented Reality in the business. Some of them have been described below:


This technology is powerfully and effectively changing the entire commercial scenario of the country slowly and gradually. It has helped businesses that are into development of tablets and smartphones by providing the much-needed hardware easily. Also, people find it very easy and intuitive to use this technology on smartphones.

Assistance in shopping

Other types of businesses that are greatly impacted by this technology are augmented reality books, clothing, furniture, etc.

Building AR Android application brings new shopping experience for offline as well as online shoppers. Virtual Reality technology enabled rooms allows users to select the perfect size of clothes without wearing them. This greatly helps in reducing the return of goods. Same is the case with buying a brand-new furniture or color for your car.

This virtual technology enables users to check the fitting of clothes on their body or furniture in their room without actually putting it.  The future areas of its application are on human sensory organs such as smelling, feeling and touching.

AR expansion in other business areas

Constant improvements are happening in this area. Due to these new opportunities are coming up for a major sphere of markets that includes banking, healthcare, real estate, and also manufacturing.


Use of AR technology can ease and speed up the building processes that are performed at the factory premises. It assists project managers to evaluate the progress of work in real time basis through the use of markers on equipment. In this way, it saves a lot of time by employing digital plants and maps.


From modeling your house with three-dimensional furniture or using it to crowd your wall with Disney’s characters, AR is one of the best technologies ever created.  The 3 dimensional and high definition experience you get from augmented objects is incomparable. This is the reason for its huge demand, which is going to be continued for several more years to come.