Modern kitchens can be tough to maintain with busy family life. It is not just stains that modern kitchen worktops have to deal with, they also have to be well equipped to be water resistant, durable, sturdy and strong. One of the most important requirements of a kitchen worktop is that it is heat resistant. Marble is a popular choice of worktop due to its luxury look, but just how much heat can it handle?

Kitchen worktops are one of the most frequently used elements of most kitchens. They are also one of the most expensive single items that you are going to purchase as part of your kitchen construction or redesign. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider which kitchen worktop is the best for you and your family, before parting with your money and making the purchase. It is long lasting for definite, marble is probably the most challenging natural elements known to man and so therefore must be robust. It is then a great choice of material for a worktop in a busy kitchen. Of all of the stone resources available to use in a ornamental capacity, marble lines up extremely highly owing to its natural characteristic beauty.

Marble Worktop PROS

• Attractiveness – Classic, timeless beauty that is long wearing.

• Temperature – Marble is delightful for working with pastry, since it is naturally cool as it doesn’t conduct heat.

• Price – While some rarer types of marble are very expensive, the more common marble is one of the least expensive natural heat resistant stone worktops.

• Widely available – marble is available from nearly any local worktop provider or stone yard.

Marble Worktop CONS

• Marking – Marble can scratch very easily, and can be marked easily by anything acidic.

• Discoloration – Marble can also stain some fruits are infamous for leaving ineradicable stains on your marble worktops.

Marble contrary to popular opinion can be easily cared for with some preparation. Keeping your own marble kitchen worktops as spectacular as on the day you acquired them happens to be strangely straightforward to undertake. Marble does need some kind of protection in order to support its heat resistant properties. You will need to be aware that a sealant needs to be applied to your worktops, and reapplied on an annual basis to keep them in perfect condition a sealing liquid will also help to prevent your marble from staining. A sealant also stops the breeding of mildew and other harmful bacteria in your kitchen. With the responsibility, of regular care, you can preserve your own marble kitchen worktops by wiping them down with warm soapy washing up liquid.. As marble is known as a softer stone, in comparison to others that are available, it is advisable to use of chopping boards and trivets for hot pans and trays. Overall, it is essential to define how your worktop will be used. Will your work surface actually be a surface upon which to work, or will it be used lightly.