SEO campaign is needed to bring more customers and prospects to our website. In this case, we should make sure that we could get proper conversion and allow random visitors to actually purchase our products or use our services. If we want real sales, we need to deal with a living and breathing individual who has money to purchase something. Search engine optimization isn’t something that’s designed to trick search engines. Our real goal is to make sure that people will be interested with our products. When prospective buyers visit our website, we should make sure that they are really interested. However, it is possible that our SEO methods could actually hamper marketing efforts. Things that we don may not support people to make proper buying decisions. If we don’t do this, it is important that we won’t lose potential customers. If we are too involved in attempts to trick search engines, it is possible that we alienate the actual buyers.

How Improper SEO Methods Could Reduce Sales

Many websites owners want to add many images in their websites. They hope that these unique images could be indexed in Google Image search, increasing traffic to the website. However, improper image placements could confuse people and make it harder for them to find ways to purchase products. Confusing layouts could also be caused by our attempt to put everything on the main page. Our primary main page should be used only as an outline of our website. It is a place for people and search engine bots to access core content. Too many links could also be added to the main page and website owners may hope that they would allow bots to crawl the whole website faster. In fact, adding too many links on our main page could turn in into link farms, making penalization more likely to happen. However, excessive link exchanges and internal linking could ruin the whole layout, confusing people and making them disinterested to learn more about our products. If they see too many links on our website, they could think that our business isn’t credible enough due to its spammy, online representation.

SEO methods shouldn’t cause any change to the navigation structure of our website. Readers should find it straightforward to access different elements of our website. Sections of our websites should be named clearly, such as Home, Contact Me, Products, About Us and others. Images can be used to link to our internal pages and they will be followed by search engine bots. However, this could confuse readers. It is preferable to use simple, text links; because readers will understand them better. It should be noted that the more links we have in our website, the more likely that we have broken links. This will prevent bots and people to reach our product pages. We may make changes on the URL and this problem could occur. Many websites are still using the antiquated Flash technology for the splash animation and even for the navigation structure. This is a quick and sure way to prevent bots from crawling our website.