Special Force (which is how it sounds in the documents), the UK Ministry of Defense to monitor and gather information not only on the territory of the United Kingdom. In the view of Western analysts and hit our country.

Date: August 9, 1889. Source: TASS. As an example are a newspaper clipping and a link to the message of “Alien invasion in Area 51.” Incoming and outgoing data of the document erased. Article Title: “Alien monsters landed in Russia.” “A large number of extraordinary phenomena – said in the announcement – going on lately in Russian: perestroika, glasnost, the construction of” McDonald’s.” But this (the arrival of a UFO -. RS) – the strange event of event of alien invasion. “

The article said that in Voronezh UFO landed on the lawn in the park. The aliens came and made a short promenade. And the author of the memo emphasizes that this is not a joke, it is reasonable noting that TASS – agency, are not inclined to joke with the information.

On contact with the Voronezh aliens did not. But we have a UFO, which no one else has! And it’s filmed on the color film. Personnel demonstrates not only a crashed flying saucer but the dead astronauts, who were then dissected on the operating table. The film became public during perestroika. Films and documents on UFOs purchased, according to the authors of the documentary film “The Secret KGB UFO Files” for 10 thousand. Dollars.

But in the US there is “Zona 51”, which repeatedly “sung” by the authors of adventure and science fiction films. Unofficial information is based on indirect signs of the existence of secret US Air Force base, where he conducted research UFOs captured the incident in Rockville in 1847. Then again, according to rumors, the Americans managed to get a workable UFO with a dead crew.

The UK Ministry of Defense archive files provides a detailed report by MUFON, where seriously and thoroughly analyzed in the presence of facts “Area 51” of alien ships. This issue involved thousands of people in the US and around the world. There are numerous groups of “UFO Hunters,” which stuck to a neighborhood base at Groom Lake, lead-clock surveillance of what is happening in the surrounding area.