Students and workers living in the modern world can count on numerous strategies, techniques and devices that will make their studying easier and faster. However, many teenagers and students seem to be distracted and carried away by modern strategies, neglecting some useful traditional ways of taking notes. Here are some efficient and practical note-taking techniques that can help every student.

Mind what Lecturer Says

The first step in making your notes a useful tool for your education is listening to your lecturer. You can conclude a lot from their intonation and from the points and bullets they emphasize during their lectures. Apart from that, many modern lecturers and teachers offer their students their own notes and lecture summaries. Some of them even record and publish their lectures as videos. Because of all these reasons, listening to your lecturer is the starting point of every successful process of studying.

Handwriting into Digital Form

Now that your notes can be a combination of old-school, handwritten notes and new, digitalized ones, the smartest option is to take the best of both worlds. What you need to digitalize handwritten notes is a proper scanner. When you have scanned your notes, you should use some software tools to create PDF files or even convert the scanned documents into the text form. In addition to taking your own notes and attending lectures, you could also get your colleagues’ and friends’notes, scan them and use them as additional sources for studying. Here you can read more about scanning handwritten notes and converting them to different formats.

Resourceful Online Community

Everybody has heard of viral photos or videos, but today we witness that students’ notes can also become pretty hot online materials. More and more individuals and groups publish their own notes on the web, creating a resourceful online community. This strategy gives an opportunity to students from different parts of the world to share their knowledge and create a global learning community. Since today high schools and universities are connecting through the Internet and student exchange programs, it is easier to get an insight in different educational systems. What is more, hard-working students and professors share useful educational materials, such as tutorials and lectures online, giving their online fellows a chance to improve their studying experience.  Materials such as Monash University study notes can come in pretty handy for students coming from different parts of the world.

How Note-Taking Techniques Can Improve Studying

Personalized Visualization

What also matters a lot when it comes to notes is taking them in accordance with your own preferences. For instance, if you are a visual learner, you should try to make as many visual notes as possible. From using map minds to other drawings based on your own associations, developing your personal way of taking and arranging visual notes can be extremely useful when you start working. Getting to familiar with your own mind and the way it functions will help you learn what kind of notes it likes best. That way you will be able to cope with your work tasks in no time.

Today students can use different multimedia materials and study in a faster and more efficient way than ever before. However, when you make your own notes or use other people’s well-organized written materials, you can get the whole picture and expand your knowledge in an effective way.