Who are the telecommunications giants? Don’t think twice to answer this question. It is none other than O2. It is the commercial brand owned by Telefonica UK. It is one of the leaders in digital communications. The latest Ofcom statistics reveals that it holds the highest satisfaction rate amongst clients with regard to customer service.

What is more? O2 boasts of more than 23million customers in the UK. It also boasts of owning 50% of Tesco Mobile.

Customer Service is their Pride

For O2 Company, customer service is not just a lip service. They take it upon themselves to satisfy their customers. They believe that the best tool of marketing is a word of mouth from a satisfied customer. Consequently, they have a team of excellently trained agents to take your call and guide you through the resolution steps to your issues.

Want to Talk to an Agent?

If you would want to speak to a customer service agent, then you should consider calling the company. Make sure you have all of your accounts and personal details nearby. This is to you to receive help and support quicker.

You can call O2 from any phone. The service is available 7 days a week, everyday of the year and the average wait time for you to speak to an agent is approximately 7-10 minutes. To save time wasted from waiting, you can call during the off peak hours.

The major reasons that may force you to call O2 customer service include:

  • Questions about the service or contract
  • Cancelling your O2 service
  • Upgrade eligibility
  • Modifications or changes to phone number
  • Reporting network failures
  • Data issues
  • Theft or loss of mobile device
  • Billing errors
  • Changing or updating account details

Technology is their DNA

O2 Company is using tech to inspire the future. They have gone a notch higher by developing apps for its smart phone users. One of the apps is called My Network. This is a clever new mobile app for O2 customers. It allows you to understand what network coverage you have, any potential outages, report issues and carry out speed tests. When completed, it will display the results with textual description of what the network is good for, such as email, downloading or streaming.

Is it all about Digitizing the World?

O2 is interested in transforming the society towards secure and sustainable development. This has been shown in numerous occasions where they have partnered with other stakeholders. Such initiatives include:

  • Community-wide platforms to better support devolution, empowering communities and their leaders with tools to discuss how best local budget is spent.
  • Integrating citizen service operations such as housing with social media giving citizens opportunity to shift communications on choice supported by free o2 tablets and local O2 Wi-Fi. This increases customer satisfaction.
  • Providing tools that allow faster bridging of translation services, removing the latency and costs so common for many local authorities across the citizen service operations today.
  • Highly reliable and secure, people centric collaboration tools to promote effective interworking across co-dependent public and private partnerships, integrating external bodies through instant messaging and presence directly into the heart of local authorities.

In this era of digital age, O2 is not only leading us but it is also empowering communities for the future in other aspects such as leadership.


James Jefferson is a telecommunications consultant. He is also passionate about writing and educating consumers on various telecommunications solutions. You can visit his website to benefit from his multiple contributions on telecommunications.