Recently, Google the biggest search engine on the planet earth came up with another revolutionary change in its operations and algorithms. The search engine giant in its quest to make the system better and more performing keeps sending new updates and this one is called the Panda. The first step of the revolutionary algorithm was implemented in the U.S.A and it completely shook the internet and technology industry to its core. Overnight, the people were asked to completely change the way they think and operate their internet strategies otherwise Google won’t just recognize them. Yes, it is as in your face as it sounds.

The implications of such algorithms are on almost every other internet and Google related entity because the strategy and platforms will have to be changed to adapt to the new system implemented by Google. Today’s guest post will be featuring four ways how this fresh SEO update and the Panda algorithm will have its effect on the social media marketing world.

Web Traffic

Some content and website organizers trusted Google so much that they would just put up content and believe that the traffic will automatically be generated from the core of Google search engine, all they have to do is write the content related to the theme of their website. This means putting all their eggs in one basket called Google. However, now things have changed, all such websites over the course of a night have gone down in ranking because of their low performing content and too much reliance on Google. Now, the content writers have to find a way to synchronize their style and ensure that traffic comes from other sources as well as pure search results rather than simply trying to match the Google’s traffic estimates.

Social Media Needs More Attention

Social media has been severely neglected by a lot of old fashioned companies who believed in getting their advertisements and traffic through Google. With this change in the system, it is now confirmed that there is not one source of getting the traffic. To instantly counter that, one system that can help achieve the flow of traffic from different avenues is the social media forum. Through social media in terms of linked pages, ads, videos and banners as well as other activation activities, companies have the chance to plan out a carefully crafted diversion and get the lost traffic from social media platforms.

Everything is Based on the User Now

Google’s reliance and dependency on how the consumers react to different content and website is proven by this update. Now how the consumers prefer their displays and content will play a large role. So social media marketing needs to be completely consumer focused if the traffic is to be derived from that avenue.

More Options to Explore

Content and Internet marketing people have more options to explore now. Instead of just targeting a small budgeted strategy on traditional social media channels, they have to be more explorative, innovative and experiment different options to cater to the growing change in the system.

Author Bio

Alice John is the author of this blog post, Katherine works as a freelance content writer and marketer for a lot of international clients and likes to post her views related to the internet and technology on the website do my essay for me