Schools and offices block the entertainment websites for the sake of productivity and progress. But students who love the movies will often find out the ways to watch movies. Watching movies can also contribute to your learning. You need to relax a bit in between the classes and break times. Movies are the best medium to provide you with the relaxation. They are very good stress busters. Unfortunately, school management does not understand this fact and they block all the movies websites on the computers. However, there are ways to access the movie’s websites on your school computers. This guide is all about informing you the ways which help you to unblock the free movie sites at your school. Here you go. Also, check out for the best movies unblocked

How To Access Blocked Free Movie Websites At School?


Proxies are the websites which enable us to access the internet anonymously. They are very good at crossing all the boundaries fixed by your schools or offices. So there are no more restrictions to watch movies at the school. You can access the blocked movie websites with the help of proxies. is one of the best proxy websites with which you can unblock the blocked movie websites at school or office. There are dozens of other proxies which can do the same job. The proxy websites hide the blocked movie sites from the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and allow you to watch the movies on the blocked websites. You can also access sites like Facebook, Instagram etc. with the help of proxy websites.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a tool which helps to translate the text from one language to another. But it sounds insane, Google Translate also helps you to access the blocked movie websites at your school. It can be used as a proxy website. In case if you find that the proxies are blocked at your school then you need to use Google Translate as a proxy. There are very fewer chances of blocking the Google Translate tool at your school. Just go to Google Translate and paste the URL of the movie website you want to access in the form there. It loads up the complete website for you.

Google Cache

Google Cache is a copy of the website which Google stores in its data centres. You can access the blocked movie websites with the help of Google Cache. It just works. Go to and type the link or URL of the website which you want to access. Google loads up the results. Probably you may find the website in the first result. Under the title, you will see the URL of the website in the Google results.  Besides that, there is a small downside triangle. Click on it and you will an option called “Cache”. Click on it. That’s it. You’ll now see the unblocked website on your school computer. This method has it’s own limitations though. You may not be able to watch movies in Google cache. But it helps you to access the blocked movie related information websites.

Be careful when you are using the proxy websites. Do not use the proxies which are filled up with clutter. You may download some malware from them. Watching movies with your classmates and friends at school is certainly fun. But you need to concentrate on classes to learn the subjects. Grades are really important to get the placements in good universities. Do not watch the movies all the time at your school watch them only when you have free time. Lunch Breaks and recess times are the best times to watch the movies in school.