Reciprocal linking is often placed in the grey area. Naturally,. Your backlinks should be naturally made by people who have interest on your website. However, reciprocal links can be fully placed in the White SEO area if owners of both websites make complementary posts, which can be used to refer one another. So, when people read a post at one website, he will be referred to a post at the external website. It means that the reciprocal linking can give real benefits to users, because they will be referred to an actual useful content. It is actually a good way to speed up your backlink generation project, as long as you focus on bringing real benefits to users. If you are interested in bringing real content to users through reciprocal links, you should do that with reputable individuals. You should look for signs that you could be dealing with reciprocal link scammers. First of all, you need to check the website to see whether the website owner has performed the reciprocal linking properly.

As an example, it can be considered a bad sign if many of the external links are not clickable. It could happen if the website owner actively exchange links and they want to eventually reduce the number of outbound links to avoid making them look spammy. At first, the links are clickable, but eventually the target URL is removed in the HTML code. So, even if the link seems to have genuine appearance, it doesn’t work when clicked. You can detect this by putting the mouse cursor above the link and the tray of your browser doesn’t show the destination link, then it is likely a dead link. You can confirm this by clicking the link and it does nothing. It is also a bad thing of the website disables the right click functionality, so you can’t see the code or do other tasks. If you are not vigilant enough, it is possible that the link to your website will be removed after a few months. Eventually, the scammer will get hundreds of free backlinks.

New webpages typically have zero PageRank and it is important that you get something that’s equal. As an example, you may trade links between new pages with PR0, which is an acceptable proposition. However, you shouldn’t exchange a PR3 link with a PR0 one. It is important that you get equally good deals. In order to avoid being scammed, you shouldn’t interact with webmasters who have anonymous email address. If you don’t know the identity of the other person, they may delete your link without you knowing it. There’s also a possibility that your link is end up being placed in dangerous locations. You shouldn’t easily trust someone who says that he has a PR5 website. There’s still a possibility that your link will be placed in a newly created webpage, which is isolated, because there’s no way for Google bot to reach it. This is something that you need to avoid.