A Visitor Visa is a counterfoil official document, which is issued to a person through the visa office; it is going to place in the passport of a person. It is required to display that the person has satisfied the requirements for the purpose of the admission to the Canada, which will be called a temporary resident. A person is referred to as a temporary resident if he/she is a foreigner by nationality and if that person has been applied for that purpose, has satisfied the specified obligations of A20(1)(B) , if he/she is not considered as inadmissible or an inadmissible foreign national, but he/she has issued a permit, called a temporary resident permit.

How To Become A Temporary Resident Of Canada

A temporary resident may be given the authorization for entering and remaining in the Canada as the worker, student or a visitor. It is regarded as a privilege of the admission to the temporary residents in the Canada, but it is not regarded as a right. The Visitor Visa can be regarded as a TRV (Temporary Resident Visa). A Visa to visit Canada can be obtained by several procedures and requirements. All foreign national persons, who want to enter into Canada as the temporary residents, have to possess a Visa; otherwise, they will be exempted.

When there is no requirement of the Visas

In the following cases there is no requirement of the Visas:

  • If the applicant is of the nationality R190(1).
  • If the applicant possesses the travel document type of R190(2).
  • If the applicant has a purpose of the entry R190(3).

There will be exemptions by the purpose of the entry:

  • Transit without a visa.
  • China transit program.
  • Countries, which are designated for the purposes of the Visiting Forces Act.

More than the 35 million temporary residents, who are known as non-immigrants are welcomed by Canada in every year. All the individuals, who are neither Canadian citizens nor permanent residents, should take permission for entering into the Canada for visiting purpose. Canada Visitor Visa online requires some procedures and requirements to be fulfilled.

The TRV is regarded as a document, which is issued by the Canadian Immigration Visa Office outside of the Canada. It shows that the TRV holder has fulfilled the requirements for the admission to Canada for the visiting purpose or as a visitor. The TRVs may be for the single entry or multiple entries. The general rule is the tourists are admitted for a time period of the six months. For the international students and temporary foreign workers, the time periods vary and it is determined by every case study. From within Canada, the extensions may be applied for.

It is an important point to note that having a valid TRV does not definitely specify that the Canadian Port of Entry’s Officer will allow the candidate into the Canada. At the Port of Entry, it is important to all the visitors must clearly show that their reason for visiting the Canada is of a temporary in nature. At the expiration of the visitor status, the persons, who don’t want to leave Canada, the Port of Entry’s Officers will refuse their admission to the Canada.