There are baseball drills that we can do to make us an entirely better hitter. Before becoming a good hitter, we should be able to perform a great swing. There’s a similarity in both golf and baseball, that is we should make sure that we can perform good swings. A swing should be powerful, consistent and more importantly, repeatable. There are things that we can do to achieve a good swing in baseball. First of all, we need to have a good balance. Without a proper foundation in place, we will never have a consistent swing. Unless we have a good balance, all those comprehensive baseball drills won’t mean a thing. All we need is to have a proper balance and we will need to understand all the basics. One essential component that we need to have is a good balance.

How to Become an Excellent Baseball Hitter

One obvious question is how do we get a good balance? This should begin with a proper stance. As an example, some baseball players like to have their feet parallel and facing the pitcher. They need to take the right stride, as an example, they could put their front foot about seven inches forward and put most of the body weight on the back leg. At every stage of the hitting process, it is important that our body remains balanced. It means that we shouldn’t fall side to side or fall over. Unfortunately, some people may have balance problem. In this case, they may need to constantly adjust their body, so they could achieve the right balance. Without a good balance, we will never have repeatable and consistent swings. It is important to constantly practice our approach. At the start, during and after the swing, we should have the proper balance.

As mentioned above, it is important for us to have proper stride with adequate weight distribution. It means that we need to be thoughtful with our footing and try not to be overly aggressive. By putting our weight on backside and having consisted stride, we should be able to have constant approach to the ball. It is a good idea to have a stride that is repeatable and we can build upon. It is not possible to have a good swing if are off balance. By taking different stride each time we swing the bat, it is also possible that we won’t have consistent results. Top hitters manage to achieve consistent results because they use repeatable and consistent stride each time. By having the same approach, the same stride and proper balance, we will get much better results.

It doesn’t really matter if the pitcher throws a curveball or a fastball, the most important thing is try to be consistent every time. We should think about what we should do to strike the ball. This can be achieved when we are in the zone. This is a situation that we should be looking for. It means that we need to have repeatable swings that are fully consistent. As mentioned before, we should be thoughtful with our footing and we should be predictable in our approach.