If you decide to become a freelancer, QuiGig recommends that you need to know these rules:

Find your skills and think about how you can sell them online: You would be tempted to say that the field in which you work is not very relevant to the online industry. That’s what I thought at first but think better. There are many jobs that can be done online today, especially with the help of various software programs. Even your hobby can become a very demanded skill. Find out more.

Do not sell yourself short, but do not ask too much … at least in the beginning: This is a pretty big dilemma when you start working as a freelancer. Especially for those who have been accustomed to receiving a fixed salary every month. I thought, “I know that my work is of very good quality, but if I ask too much, nobody will want to pay that much because I’m in the beginning and I don’t know anyone. And if I ask for too little, I will get to work for nothing.” But I did not intend to accept anything below the salary I had before.

When you do not know what price to ask for your work, the best thing is to look at the competition. That’s what I did, and it seems to have worked. The only problem was that some of my competitors had very good feedback from those with whom they collaborated. I did not have any feedback because I was at the beginning.

So, I lowered the price to earn as many collaborations as possible to help me build the profile I needed for people to trust the quality of my work. Then I started to increase the price according to the quality of the projects delivered.

Communication is the key: All clients appreciate a more fluid communication with those they work with. You have to be fast, clear and concise. That being said, you have to speak English very well to understand the needs of your customers. You also have to answer quickly. Do not let them wait too long for an answer, because they can always find another freelancer and give you a negative review.

Finish the projects on time and do not take too many jobs at once: Once you have found your skills and you start to find jobs through freelancing platforms, you will find quite a few people who want to hire you. And you will of course think that more jobs mean more money. Maybe it is true, but one day is only 24 hours, of which 8 we have to sleep. So, the wisest would be to take jobs for an average of 10 hours a day to finish the projects without delay. If you start to delay the completion of your projects, employers will not be too happy to give you jobs. So, fewer jobs, less money. I work with up to 3 employers at the same time and refuse other jobs at this time to avoid being really busy and not delivering on time.